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A surprise for fans of Dancing with the Stars. Oliwia Bieniuk will dance with her

A surprise for fans of Dancing with the Stars.  Oliwia Bieniuk will dance with her

Oliwia Bieniuk delights the Poles with her excellent performance in “Dancing with the Stars”. The daughter of a former football player and a deceased actress has already reached the semi-finals of this program and does not intend to stop there. I have prepared a special surprise for this episode.


Instagram / Pictured: Oliwia Bieniuk and Michał Bartkiewicz

Even before “Dancing with the Stars” started, no one had bet on Oluya Penyuk. The daughter of Jarosław Bieniuk and Anna Przybylska had just started her adventure with show business and little knew what she could do. As it turns out, it has huge potential.

The young star, along with his dance partner – Michał Bartkiewicz – stormed into the semi-finals with a powerful blow. However, Oliuya Penyuk does not intend to stop there. Especially for this stage of the competition, I have prepared a surprise that will attract the jury.

All thanks to a special guest. Oliwia Bieniuk and Michał Bartkiewicz will appear with Edyta Zając in one of the semi-finals. The model is the winner of the latest edition of “Dancing with the Stars,” and the jurors loved her.

Edyta Zając, like Oliwia Bieniuk, is strongly associated with sports. The model has long been associated with the relationship with Jakub Rzeźniczak.

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