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A US Navy warship will dock in Gdynia. The sizes are impressive

A US Navy warship will dock in Gdynia.  The sizes are impressive

As of September 11, the American landing craft USS Constance Hall, which arrived in Poland from Latvia, was docked in the port of Kdynia.. She was sent to Gdynia for minor repairs. writes that the 185-meter-long ship is the largest in its 100-year history at PGZ Stocznia Wojenna (formerly the Naval Shipyard).

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The flagship of the US Navy will arrive in Gdynia

On the other hand, the website mentions the following USS Kearsarge, the US Navy’s largest ship, is in line for the port of Gdynia. “According to current information, it will appear on Tuesday, September 13, after 21:00 at French Quay, where it will remain until the afternoon of September 19” – we read.

Over 250 meters long, with a crew of 2,000

The Wasp-class landing ship USS Kearsarge is the flagship of the 22nd US Naval Expeditionary Force. The vessel is 257 meters long and 60 meters wide and can travel at a speed of 22 knots (41 km/h). The ship is armed with the standard Wasp-class armament of a multipurpose amphibious assault ship. The ship’s crew is over 2,000, but up to 1,500 are on board at any one time..

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