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“A wedding at first sight 8”. How did the participants prepare?

"A wedding at first sight 8".  How did the participants prepare?

Wedding at first sight“I was surprised again. In a social experiment where six participants hungry for love decided to marry a stranger or a stranger, there were people who had a lot of life experiences. In the show’s eighth edition, we learn about Marta, who is self-aware of motherhood, and two men after divorce – Maciej and Patrick.. There will be a great challenge ahead of them, and they will try to meet it.

The selection of couples in the program is based on detailed research and expert opinions. In the eighth edition, the participants will be accompanied Magdalena Chorzyuska And the Carolina Tuchalska Cermska. In an interview with Plejada, psychologists talked about what lies ahead in the latest version of The Social Experiment.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Wedding preparations are in full swing

The second episode of the eighth season of “Wedding at First Sight” began with fixtures. Both ladies and gentlemen had to decide that day how they would present themselves to their significant others. The first choice was for Marta, who went with her mother to the wedding dress salon.

– With these words Jagoda Martha described. Despite her mother’s fears and her own perfection, she seemed content with the creation she had chosen. However, there was a question about the future wife of Martha. Jagoda really wanted to be as supportive as possible.

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“Wedding at first sight”. Marta’s Experiences

Hectic preparations also accompanied Macic. The hero asked his friend for help choosing a suit. He wanted his clothes to be as original as possible.

"Wedding at first sight".  Maciek during installation

Photo: screen from

“Wedding at first sight”. Maciek during installation

During the auditions, Maciej admitted that he is looking forward to meeting his future partner. He made no secret that after his failed marriage he was counting on change:

as admitted, The breakdown of the marriage was one of the most difficult moments in his life.

Thanks to the support of his relatives and positive attitude, Maciek was ready to start a new stage. The next wedding dress choice was for Justina, who went shopping with Witness Ola.

Justina quickly decided to buy one of the dresses. Ola was very happy with the choice of her friend.

"Wedding at first sight".  Justina

Photo: screen from

“Wedding at first sight”. Justina

A little later it’s time Patrick’s Daywho admitted that it had been six years since he last bought a wedding suit. After the divorce, he tried his luck in love, but to no avail. He said:

And the participant in the “wedding at first sight” admitted, however, that he was ready to meet his future wife. He confessed:

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"Wedding at first sight".  Patrick

Photo: screen from

“Wedding at first sight”. Patrick

Another heroine of the show is 32 years old Marta She went to the makeup with her aunt Cornelia. She was looking forward to her wedding. Her aunt described it in these words:

Thanks to the encouragement from Cornelia, the participant was able to make the right decision.

"Wedding at first sight".  Marta

Photo: screen from

“Wedding at first sight”. Marta

He also had to face searching for a suit Przemysław, who really wanted to make the best first impression. The hero believes that appearance played a very important role in the development of relationships.

Fortunately, this mission was also successful.

"Wedding at first sight".  Przemyslav

Photo: screen from

“Wedding at first sight”. Przemyslav

“Wedding at first sight”. What are the feelings experienced by the participants before marriage?

When the heroes of the “wedding at first sight” chose their outfits, it was time for the last preparations. Each of them witnessed the upcoming changes in its own way. 38-year-old Marta admitted that it was a very difficult period for her. The woman was behind her moving house for a new apartment. The post admitted that she was thinking about her future partner all the time.

She was just as excited 32-year-old MartaRicio’s mother. The heroine admitted that she had already dreamed of the groom and her wedding.

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The program also included the stress that accompanied Patrick. The participant did not hide that it was an important and touching moment for him.

However, Patrick’s parents tried to calm him down. They wanted him to fully enjoy this big day. At the end of the second episode of the program, we can also look at the creation of 38-year-old Martawhose mother helped her prepare. The woman was greatly affected by the sight of her daughter.

"Wedding at first sight".  Marta with her mother

Photo: screen from

“Wedding at first sight”. Marta with her mother

How will the couples be chosen in a “wedding at first sight”? We’ll find out in the next episode!

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