July 29, 2021

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a.  Zajkowska: Returning from vacation will be accompanied by infection

a. Zajkowska: Returning from vacation will be accompanied by infection

Proceeds from holidays will increase the number of coronavirus infections, in early August and September we can expect a fourth wave, A.D. Joanna Zajkoska from the Teaching University Hospital in Białystok.

“When we record exactly the increase in infections with the Coronavirus, we must rely on mathematical calculations. However, taking into account the experience of the past year, I can say, that travel and return from vacations will certainly be associated with infection, for both adults and children. “- she added .

According to the expert, examinations after returning to the country and quarantine greatly reduce the spread of infection, but they do not eliminate it completely. “There are cases when a person may be infected at the time of the test, the virus hatches in the body, but there is still enough of it to give a positive result,” – she said.

a. Zajkovska noted that the weather will also contribute to the increase in infections in the fall. “We will spend more time indoors where the virus is easy to transmit,” she said.

She noted that the increase in infection will vary depending on the number of people vaccinated in a particular region of Poland. “You just have to look at the vaccination map to see that in big cities, immunization levels are higher than in rural areas. There are places in the east of the country where there is a saying + not enough + regarding the level of unvaccinated people is moderate “- she added.

According to the professor. Zajkowska, the media campaign about vaccination against the Corona virus did not bring the expected results. “Awareness among patients is low, they are afraid of vaccinations, and they learn about vaccinations from what their friends say. It is especially worrying in people from high-risk groups, which include people with chronic diseases, those who are treated with oncology. It has happened in my practice, that a person with cancer Blood, after a bone marrow transplant and successfully undergoing treatment, unfortunately did not survive the infection with the Coronavirus, “- she said. “The idea of ​​vaccination cannot be undermined because vaccination allows us to work among the population,” she added.

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She noted that “the risks of taking vaccinations are continuously investigated and validated, and the benefits of taking the preparation are immeasurably higher than the risks of unwanted symptoms after vaccination, the so-called NOPs.” She added, “Based on the experience of other countries, it can be seen that vaccination provides protection against different variants of the virus and also protects against the delta variant responsible for the recent rise in the disease.” She noted that it is extremely important for vaccines to protect against severe illness and death from COVID-19. She said, “There is a group of non-responders in which vaccination is less effective, but most of them are elderly people with chronic diseases, receiving oncology treatment, and may generate antibodies less effectively. These people may need to be vaccinated again. The preparation dose.”

Autumn wave of issues, according to Prof. Zajkowska, “It should not be as big in Poland as last year, because part of the population has already been vaccinated.” She added that we must, however, prepare hospitals for possible entry of infected SARS-Cov2. “Looking from the perspective of last year’s experience, I think that with fewer infected people, the infectious wards that will operate in each hospital will be better than the one-name hospitals. This will allow treatment of other patients, not just those infected with coronavirus “- she said. (PAP)

Author: Monica Witkoska

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