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a. Żurawski vel Grajewski for The French are also trying to get along with Russia militarily

a.  Żurawski vel Grajewski for The French are also trying to get along with Russia militarily

On Thursday, TASS news agency, citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, announced that the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Valery Gerasimov, and the Chief of Staff of the French Army, General Thierry Borcard, discussed the following: the situation in Ukraine and the Sahel region by phone.

During the talks, the parties discussed the situation in Ukraine. They also exchanged views on the situation in the Sahel region “(the area along the southern edge of the Sahara – liberated). – Informed in connection with the Russian Ministry of National Defense.

However, TASS confirmed it The conversation took place at the initiative of the French side. turned into prof. Przemyslav Sorowski Phil Greyevsky, an expert on international affairs, with the question of whether such talks should be discussed with, for example, NATO allies.

NATO member states are independent and are not obligated to obtain approval for bilateral contacts with other countries. There is no such obligation, but the situation is exceptional and it is clear that in the face of brutal Russian aggression against Ukraine, such contacts may raise some questions.

– answered the professor. Żurawski aka Grajewski.

The expert also points out that “The coast symbolizes French problems with Wagner’s mercenaries on that course of French interests in Africa.”

– Perhaps the Russians tried to bargain with the French in exchange for the consideration of French interests in the Sahel, an area of ​​priority for French interests. In turn, the Russians expect that France will support them in the sphere of their priority interests, that is, imperialist politics, which is currently the victim of Ukraine.

– says the political scientist.

Connecting these two issues, he adds, “is a specific factor that points to the negative public importance of this meeting.”

– We do not know the content of the results, we only know the topic of discussion, that is, the aggression against Ukraine on the one hand, and the coast on the other. So, perhaps there was an attempt to make some kind of give. And to take into account the French interests in the Sahel region, which are very important for France, the Russians, in turn, suggested that France take into account their interests in the European arena. I think that’s what the show is about, but we don’t know if it was accepted or not.

We also asked our interlocutor how their counterparts from NATO member states might perceive this type of behavior of French military representatives.

It depends on the countries involved. The eastern side is cause for concern and resentment. The United States, Canada, Great Britain and Denmark are also not very happy. On the other hand, I think Germany understood this conversation with understanding, as did Italy. Spain’s position is interesting here. Spain, after experiencing Russian support for Catalan secession, is more sober in assessing the nature of the Russian threat than many other Western countries. In sum, reactions will almost certainly vary according to the scale of perception of the threat posed by Russia. I think it should be natural for the French to reveal to their allies the outcome of these conversations, but that’s where the trust comes into play, whether the French want to reveal it in its entirety, or just pass it on to a specific passage.

a. Sorowski’s Phil Greewski also emphasizes that “this is how the Russians play with NATO by at least creating the impression of division.”

We don’t know if the split will deepen. We do not know what arrangements have been made. We know that the conversation took place and that the whole situation causes distrust in France, whose president has long called Putin with offers to save face at the expense of Ukraine, for which it will pay for its territory. It is of no use in building the prestige of France and the unity of the West.

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