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Abdul Hamid Al-Matar is dead. The US Army eliminates one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda | world News

Abdul Hamid Al-Matar is dead.  The US Army eliminates one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda |  world News

Americana army She announced that she had liquidated one of the top leaders Al-Kaidy. Abdul Hamid Al-Matar was due to die on Friday in Syrian Arab Republic, in an attack using a drone MQ-9 Reaper – the Radio Information Agency reported. News of his death came from Major John Rigsby, a spokesman for Central Command (Central Command).

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Syrian Arab Republic. The United States has eliminated one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda. There were no reports of civilian casualties

The attack was to take place near the border with Turkey and the city of Tel Abjad. Abd al-Hamid al-Matar, who died as a result of the accident, was associated with the Hurras al-Din (Religious Guard). Major Rigsby said that “there are no reports of civilian deaths or injuries.”

As stated in the statement of the Central Command of the Army from the United StatesElimination of one of the leaders Al-Kaidy It will make it difficult for this terrorist organization to prepare for more attacks on citizens United States of America and their allies.

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In response to Wednesday’s attack on a US military base?

On Wednesday, October 20, a missile attack was witnessed on a military base in southern Syria where US special forces are stationed. The bombing did not result in significant material losses, nor did it result in injuries.

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According to US Central Command, it was a “deliberate and coordinated” attack using drones and artillery fire. The spokesman did not say whether Friday’s attack, in which an al-Qaeda leader was killed, was in response to Wednesday’s bombing of the base where US forces are stationed.

He answered questions from Senators, among others, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark MilleyGeneral Milley: The United States may be attacked by al-Qaeda within a year

At the end of September pentagonal Announced the elimination of another of the “senior leaders of al-Qaeda” in Syria – Salim Abu Ahmed. According to the Central Command, he was “responsible for planning, financing and approving the supranational attacks” carried out by the jihadist organization. About 900 US troops are stationed in northeastern Syria, working with the Syrian Democratic Forces – the US-backed coalition of Kurdish and Arab militias.

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