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ABM: Lung cancer is the biggest challenge for oncology

ABM: Lung cancer is the biggest challenge for oncology

Lung cancer is the greatest challenge to oncology. Every year in Poland, 23 thousand people hear the diagnosis. People, the number of deaths due to it is similar – the Agency for Medical Research announced in a press release.

The Medical Research Agency reports that lung cancer is the most common malignancy in humans and a disease with a poor prognosis. Every year, more than 23 thousand people are diagnosed in our country. New cases, because the disease is diagnosed too late. In Poland, 5 years after this disease was diagnosed, just over 10 percent survived. This makes it the number one cause of death from cancer in both women and men.

ABM indicated that the introduction of immunotherapy in the treatment of lung cancer patients is a major breakthrough in the treatment of patients with this type of cancer. However, in Poland it is used mainly in patients with generalized disease.

“In locally advanced diseases, which are not eligible for surgical treatment, immunotherapy can only be used in a relatively small number of patients, in good general condition, who can undergo concurrent radical chemotherapy,” he explained.

A large group of patients with significant local disease progression, comorbidities, and general impairment of functioning could not be eligible for concurrent radiochemotherapy and were not eligible for immunotherapy. On the other hand, the agency noted that there are numerous indications that in such cases it may be justified to try to combine short radiotherapy with chemotherapy regimens and immunotherapy.

The goal of the Medical Research Agency-funded project – “Conformal fractional incomplete radiotherapy combined with immunotherapy with atezolizumab in previously untreated patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer” – is to compare the tolerability and efficacy of modern microradiation therapy. Abbreviation combined with chemotherapy with the same radiotherapy and chemotherapy with the same radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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According to the agency, the program will use atezolizumab for immunotherapy – a drug known for its anti-cancer activity and well-studied safety.

“We plan to include 96 previously untreated patients with stage III non-small cell lung cancer who cannot receive radical radiochemotherapy concomitantly with maintenance immunotherapy. (…) The patients participating in the study will be randomly assigned to one of the Two patients. We expect an improvement in the percentage of 3-year survival for patients in the experimental arm of about 15% to 20%, compared to standard treatment” – explained Prof. D. Doctor Hebb. n. med. Rafał Suwiński, principal investigator.

He added that the researchers expect that it will be possible to distinguish between subgroups of patients who have a higher chance of survival than all patients.

a. “On the patient side, study participation is not significantly different from out-of-study treatment,” Suwiński noted.

“People who provide voluntary informed consent to participate in the study will receive treatment according to the protocol. Periodic examinations will be carried out after treatment. In the event that the disease develops after treatment ends in the study, the patient will receive further treatment in accordance with clinical recommendations consistent with the current state of medical knowledge, “- he explained. (PAP)

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