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Abortion clinics stop doing the procedures. Waiting for punishment

Abortion clinics stop doing the procedures.  Waiting for punishment

The ruling of the United States Supreme Court, perhaps in June, is likely to be overturnedThe Pro-Abortion Act has been in force since 1973.

Abortion until June 25th

AP reports change in abortion clinic policy For example, the AP cites the state of Wisconsin, where three clinics associated with poorly planned parents who have previously had an abortion will not accept applications after June 25.

In this state, since 1849, regulations prohibiting “treatments” have been in effect. Order Row V. of the Supreme Court. Wade case“The law has changed, but now, lawyers for these companies say,“ we have an uncertain future: legal conflicts will end with employee litigation. Therefore, we cannot decide to take such a risk.

The number of abortion procedures is increasing

At the same time, the AP points out that the number of abortions in the United States is rising again after a long hiatus. More than 930,000 jobs were created in the United States by 2020 alone, according to the GoodMatcher Institute Research Center, which handled the issue in 2017-2020. Abortion.

At the end of the article on this topic, AP journalist Stephen Groves wrote, “Some clinics are now discontinuing their operations as the Idaho Center did recently, while others are no longer accepting new abortion reports. This shows up in the so-called” post-Row world. ” [czyli po wprowadzeniu prawa antyaborcyjnego] Making an appointment to terminate a pregnancy can quickly become an “important” problem even across the country.

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