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About Poland’s relations with the United States. Mark Brezhinsky as guest on Impact’22

About Poland's relations with the United States.  Mark Brezhinsky as guest on Impact'22

For decades, the name Brzeziński has been associated primarily with Zbigniew Brzeziński in Poland. The professor, who died in 2017, is an eminent diplomat, geo-strategist, Soviet scientist and adviser to several US presidents. Jimmy Carter. Since January 2022, his son Mark Brezhinsky has been the US Ambassador to Poland.

Mark Brezhinsky holds a law degree from the University of Virginia. He defended his doctorate in political science at the University of Oxford, and the subject of his dissertation was Constitutional Changes in Poland. He was already considered an ambassador to Warsaw when Barack Obama was president. Finally, from 2011-2015 he was the US Ambassador to Sweden.

An important task in Stockholm

During his tenure, he introduced innovative methods to support US-European trade, ensuring the implementation of major Swedish investments in the United States, including the construction of a $ 1 billion factory for Volvo Automotive in South Carolina.

Ambassador Brezhinsky also arranged the first visit of the US President to Stockholm. The leaders of the governments of all the Scandinavian countries later attended the summit, which served as the impetus for the development of the US-Scandinavian strategic approach to energy, innovation and sustainable development.

Most recently, Mark Brezhinsky was the founder and director of Brezhinsky Strategies LLC. He was also the Managing Director of Magena Capital Management, where he led the company’s sustainable development and ESG investment operations. For 10 years he was also a partner in law firm McGuireWoods LLP.

Visit to the country of the ancestors

Ambassador Brezhnev’s ancestors were from Poland. Father of the Professor. Zbigniew Brzeziński was born in Warsaw, the grandfather of Tadeusz Brzeziński, a lawyer, diplomat and social activist, the son of Judge Kazimierz Brzeziński from Przemyśl.

Mark Brzezinski speaks Polish fluently. In the early 1990s, as a Fulbright Scholar, he did research in our country and wrote a book entitled “The Struggle for the Constitution in Poland”. In 2007, he, along with his brother Ian, was honored by President Lek Kaczynski with the Official Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

– For all of us, my sister Mika and my brother Ian, like the Polish pole star, it was a goal in our careers. The possibility of coming to Poland as a personal envoy of President Joe Biden in particular is very important to us. We are all grateful and excited – he said in an interview with TVN24 in his first interview with the Polish media since the nomination was filed.

He also revealed how his mission in Poland would be.

– Ambassadors have to go outside the walls of the embassy and travel across the country. I lived in Poland for two years, learned a little about it, and now I can not wait to visit every region. We have a lot of travel plans at the embassy. “I am just happy to be able to visit Poland and strengthen our special friendship,” he said.

Ambassador of the Polish-American Alliance

“No country in the past has done so much for refugees coming to its borders,” he told Al-Jazeera in April. – When I was ambassador to Sweden, the Swedes were proud to have successfully mobilized one million refugees in 20 years. Now more than 2.5 million Ukrainians have crossed the Polish border in the last month alone, the embassy official said.

He added: “I’m currently in Warsaw, where there are 400,000 refugees, 10% of the total. Residents of a country where there is no risk of instability. He argued that if you take into account that Poland is the economic worker of Central Europe, you can see that the instability of Poland will immediately affect many countries in the region.

Mark Brezhinsky promised that the United States was a wall behind Poland in terms of security. – 10.5 thousand American soldiers stationed at Polish bases, we have Patriot missiles aimed at defending Poland. During his visit to Warsaw, our President made it clear that since Poland is a NATO member, we will protect every inch of Polish territory.

Ambassador Brezhinsky ended the interview on Arabic television with words in Polish. – Poland is safe, Poland is safe.

Two days of extraordinary discussions

Impact’22, which will take place at the Poznań Congress Center from May 11 to 12, will be filled with inspiring content. Invited guests, representatives of various departments, will share their stories and today’s diagnoses. Among others are Carl Bildt, longtime foreign minister, Member of Parliament and Prime Minister of Sweden; Martin Sandpu, commentator on the European economy in the Financial Times; Yuval Noah Harari, Israeli historian and intellectual and Erin Meyer, is an American writer and professor at the INSEAD Business School in Paris.

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The panels will be grouped into 19 thematic areas. For the first time, sports marketing will be discussed during the Poznań Congress. Accepting the invitation of the organizers, among others were the excellent Formula 1 driver Robert Kubika, three-time Olympic hammer thrower Anita Vodersik, alpine skier and climber Anna Diebor and karate champion and media personality Anna Lewandowska.

Details, full list of speakers and registration for Congress are available on the website

The material was developed in conjunction with IMPACT’22

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