October 19, 2021

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Adam Konaki - Robert Helenius.  Honest confession: "I didn't see anything!"

Adam Konaki – Robert Helenius. Honest confession: “I didn’t see anything!”

Tonight To Be Or Not To Be – Pole wrote on Twitter before the duel. Indeed, it was a clash that could open Konaki’s door to the world heavyweight summit once again. Any failure will shut them down forever.

Unfortunately for the second “Babyface” movie, the worst-case scenario came true. He was a failure at his request, it is clear that the psyche of the Polish boxer did not play. The course of the fight from the very beginning was the theater of one of the actors, Robert Helenius. Finn stunned Pole with powerful kicks in the first round.

Kownacki hit “Nordic Nightmare” below the belt three times, where he was punished with an opponent’s point. In the end, the referee stopped the duel in the sixth round, and the scorecard recognized the defeat as a technical knockout for Helenius.

Pole quickly commented on his disappointing position. “Sorry,” he wrote on Twitter shortly.

Answered, inter alia, TVP Sport director Marek Szkolnikowski. – You are a Cossack anyway! A lot of health, rest and wise decisions – we read in the entry.

“Babyface” was taken to the hospital, where he took a photo and wrote, “I haven’t seen anything since the first round, I thought his balls were a little lower,” he wrote.

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