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Adam Zdrójkowski and Wiktoria Gąsiewska in a premiere

Adam Zdrójkowski and Wiktoria Gąsiewska in a premiere

Emotional life Adam Zdrójkowski It has been the focus of local media for some time. since the breakup With Victoria Gosevska The 22-year-old, at least officially, is still single, in recent months he has been linked several times with new chosen ones. At the end of October, the paparazzi caught the actor at a party marking the end of the recordings of “Your Face Looks Familiar,” where he played in the company of 19-year-old Justyna Zylska. In August, Zdrójkowski was seen on a date With 16 year old Vanessa Rojewska.

on Friday night Adam Zdrojkowski He made his way into the halls. On that day, the premiere of the romantic comedy Christmas directed by Patrick Yoka took place in Warsaw, “Christmas is different.” The 22-year-old actor played one of the main roles in the production, so it’s no wonder he decided to appear in the film’s premiere. Interestingly, she also stood against the wall One of his supposed admirers.

Adam Zdrójkowski at the premiere of the comedy “Christmas Differently”

Going to the premiere of the romantic comedy Christmas, Zdrójkowski did not forget Stylish design. The actor for the paparazzi photos in a beige plaid suit, under which he wore a careless snow-white shirt in the neck. To give the design a little more slack, the 22-year-old completed it with comfy sneakers.

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Adam Zdrójkowski and Wiktoria Gąsiewska in a premiere. The actor’s alleged sympathy appeared at the event

Although Rojewska is currently working in the modeling industry, she does not hide that she dreams of an acting career. The 16-year-old has played several smaller roles. The aspiring actress also starred in Patrick Yocca’s Christmas comedy, which is why she appeared in the production’s Friday premiere. Adam Zdrójkowski’s friend She willingly took pictures on the wall in a fitted white dress with translucent elements, greeting the paparazzi at the same time Radiant smile.

Interestingly, in addition to Zdrójkowski’s alleged sympathy, the premiere of “Holidays Differently” also featured…his ex-lover. Victoria Jacevska, who also had the opportunity to appear in the Christmas production, undoubtedly made sure that all eyes were turned in her direction. The actress put it on the wall In a stunning black dress with bare shoulders, Decorated with a corset to emphasize the waist Wide slit at the bottom. Celebrity completed the creation long gloves And high heel sandals.

Watch how Adam Zdrójkowski, Wiktoria Gąsiewska, and Vanessa Rojewska stand up for the premiere of their Christmas comedy. Do you think they exchanged a few words?

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Elegance for Masha from Moscow, the terrible East and rubbish. And Kubuś is also young Sergej, after all, Warsaw is little Moscow, not East London over there.

This chick in the white dress is 16 years old? 😳😳😳

Carolac was right, this series has ruined the lives of many

The 16-year-old is already doing good wall poses

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Oh, what stars, look at you.

What a big boy he is indeed, he even has a stubble on his chest

I really wanted to go see this movie, because Letters to ….. I had enough of it, but sorry, I can’t stand this guy in the lead role. These ladies are killers

Once teens looked different, now they all look the same, which doesn’t change the fact that thanks to makeup and Photoshop they look like a million bucks.

A young girl from Gasiewska who looks like she is about 30 years old

Victoria, why are you bending your buttocks like that?

This white dress is oddly stitched, the front is fitted and the back is slashed.

Kids starred in one show and think they are stars. First you have to go to the school and then to the walls

Victoria is more beautiful and this girl of 16 years old looks at me at least 30 years old and I am more than thirty years old and more girls than this girl.

Zdrójkowski pretends to be like Donhuan with that unbuttoned shirt and busted chest Ala alpha male and in fact the sex appeal is none other than Czesie of the clan only in the male version

Vanessa looks like she’s looking for clients

Don’t they smile the same?

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