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Adamczyk played in “Night Sky”. The series is coming to Amazon Prime Video in May

Adamczyk played in "Night Sky".  The series is coming to Amazon Prime Video in May

when Peter Adamczyk (49) A few months ago he bragged that he starred in Marvel’s “Hawkeye” and the audience was happy. What’s more, the series was critically acclaimed and nominated for several awards, and Adamczyk officially joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the fact that domestic fans considered it a huge success. Adamczyk spoke with innate humility about the role in “Hawkeye”:

It turns out that this is not the end of the successes of the favorite Polish actor. Piotr Adamczyk appeared in the Sony Pictures Television production “For All Mankind”. Now it’s your turn “night sky” Produced by Amazon Studios. The series premiere is planned May 20th on Amazon Prime Video.

“Night Sky” is a fantasy series. It tells about the fate of a retired couple, Frank and Irene. In the backyard of the house, the couple discovers a portal/room that leads to a deserted alien planet. The couple believes that they keep the information about this place secret. Unfortunately, everything changes when they meet a mysterious man – Jude, very curious. The roles of Frank and Erin were played by such famous Hollywood actors as Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons. Chai Hansen played Jude. In this good company we will see Piotr Adamczyk. The actor is very proud of the fact that he played in “Night Sky”. And he brags about it on Instagram:

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Let us remind you that Piotr Adamczyk can be seen simultaneously in the TV series Polsat “Kowalski vs Kowalski‘, which is very popular.

You can watch the latest episodes of “Kowalski vs. Kowalski” now here on PolsatGo!

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