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Add broccoli to your smoothie! How to make healthy broccoli juice?

Just throw a few broccoli florets into the blender glass and the health benefits will be massive. What if someone messed with the idea of ​​drinking mixed broccoli? Thanks to other additives, broccoli will not dominate the taste of the cocktail.

How do you make good broccoli juice?

It is best used for cocktail raw broccoli (You just have to remember to wash the roses well.) The base of the juice can be water, apple juice, or your favorite plant-based beverage, such as almond or coconut milk. Bright or green fruits and vegetables go well with broccoli. These, for example, pineapple, banana, apple, celery, avocado, spinach, cabbage or kiwi. You can also add lemon or lime juice to your broccoli smoothie.

Of course, nothing prevents you from mixing broccoli with other colored fruits and vegetables, such as orange (carrot juice) or red (strawberry). However, this is a good option for people who focus primarily on nutritional values, because in such a mixture the cocktail, although it will be very healthy, will acquire an appetizing green color.

Why is it worth eating broccoli?

Regardless of whether you opt for an energetic green drink (eg made with banana, broccoli, spinach, lemon juice, and a pinch of ginger) or combine it into a less-appetizing color combination (eg orange and carrot juice), your body will get the extra broccoli will thank you. Contains green roses Variety of vitamins and mineralsThey help maintain a healthy weight, a healthy heart, beautiful skin and hair, and have anti-cancer and immune-supporting properties.

100 grams of broccoli contains only 34 calories.

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