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Additional fees for electric cars. New details for “My Electrician”

Additional fees for electric cars.  New details for "My Electrician"

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New subsidies for electric cars called “electricians” are already in the building blocks. At the beginning of the week, we told what drivers should expect and who will be able to benefit from support when purchasing an electric vehicle.

Now there are new pieces to the puzzle of the government’s program. And if you believe the statements issued by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, you can count on serious facilities regarding the conditions that had to be met a year ago during the first program.

– Taking into account the experience gained from the implementation of pilot programs launched in 2020 for the purchase of purely electric cars, the current draft of the program includes conditions that should be more attractive than those of the pilot programs – said Irenenos Ziska, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

It turns out that subsidizing electric rental cars isn’t the only new in the government program.

– Mileage limits for natural persons have been abolished. In the case of other beneficiaries, announcing the mileage specified in the program will result in the award of a larger amount of funding. Higher co-financing is also provided to natural persons with the large family card – revealed Zyska.

The planned budget for employment in the new “My Electrician” program is 500 million PLN (at least 50% of which will be transferred as part of the funds provided to banks). This is three times the rate compared to last year, when the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management prepared 150 million PLN for this purpose.

So, today’s new surcharges for electric cars in short look like this:

The program will address: natural persons, public finance sector units, research institutes, entrepreneurs, associations, foundations, cooperatives, individual farmers, churches and other religious associations and legal persons;
There will be subsidies for electric rental cars;
– the mileage limit has been canceled for natural persons – Kowalski can drive a co-financed electrician whenever he wants;
– the largest amount of co-financing will be due to declare travel with the specified mileage in the program (confirmation from the diagnostic station);
– Do you have three or more children? The Large Family Card entitles you to a higher subsidy for electric vehicles (for natural persons).

When will the new support for electric cars start and how much support can the driver count on?

Parameters of support, including the amount and intensity of funding in the “My Electrician” priority programme, are currently awaiting approval by the European Commission and will be binding after the European Commission issues a so-called letter of relief confirming that the prepared program does not constitute government aid. The deadline is up to the committee’s discretion, and we will adapt to it, said Agnieszka Smit, head of promotion and social communication at the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Trust.

Unofficially, it is said that the new surcharges will be announced during the summer holidays. A is provided for new zero-emissions vehicles (cars, scooters, and motorcycles; M1, M2, M3, N1, L1e, L2e, L3e, L4e, L5e, L6e, L7e) using only electricity from the battery or hydrogen-generated electricity for fuel cell propulsion . The program is scheduled to be implemented for the years 2021-2026.

We would like to remind you that in the case of the first prize, the “Green Car” program for natural persons was the most popular, with the least number of actions – 262 applications were received worth 4.6 million PLN. According to the plans of the willing, there were about 2,000 people. The other programs (eVan and Koliber) didn’t break the bank either. In the first of them, there were 81 applications for 6.6 million PLN. The second recruitment of taxi drivers was not carried out at all – 1 person per 25 thousand volunteers. PLN. In total, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management collected 344 applications, which is less than 7.5% of the planned amount of 150 million PLN. Aid (11.2 million PLN).

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