July 27, 2021

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Adele and a famous celebrity agent together?  "They decided to reveal" (photos)

Adele and a famous celebrity agent together? “They decided to reveal” (photos)

Until a few years ago Adele It was hosted by the media mainly due to professional achievements. The situation changed slightly when the singer withdrew from the life of a celebrity and underwent a major transformation, the effects of which were first shown by “Journalist Without Borders”. Kinga Rosin.

Since then, new photos have appeared in the media every few weeks AdeleWhich is hardly the same as before. However, the singer herself constantly defends her privacy and rarely appears in public. I made an exception last Saturday when I appeared in the audience for a basketball tournament in Phoenix.

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Aroused a lot of emotions not only the new image of the artist, but also masked manwho sat next to her. Although it was initially unclear who the secret gentleman was, the media soon confirmed the identity of Adele’s companion. it’s a Rich Paul is the agent of the basketball starWho takes care of careers for many famous players.

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One of Paul’s notable clients is of course LeBron JamesBut a potential new likable star is also overseeing the march Tristan Thompson, of course, when that person is playing on the field and not playing Khloe Kardashian cheats again. The media is already telling Adele and Rich about a bright future and assures that she “has not been as happy as now for a long time.”

Rich Paul brought Adele to the game. LeBron watches with her what’s happening on the field. This is the first time that [Rich Paul i Adele – przyp.red.] I decided to go out – Windhorst’s words are quoted from the sixth page portal.

Interestingly, at the end of May Paul himself confirmed in an interview with the “New York Times” that he was single and not dating. So it can be concluded that if he and the singer are already together, their relationship is still completely new. Judging by the media reports, it seems that they did not appear there as friends.


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