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Adele Syndrome: When love becomes an obsession. How do you know?

Zespół Adele: jak rozpoznać obsesyjną miłość?

Adele syndrome is a serious mental disorder that threatens the health and life of a sick person. Learn to recognize when love has turned into an obsession.

  1. Adele syndrome – where did the name come from?
  2. Adele syndrome – what could the symptoms be?
  3. Adele syndrome – what is the treatment?
  4. Adele syndrome – what are the possible causes?

Adele syndrome Adele syndromeAdele syndrome) is a term for obsessive-compulsive love. A mental disorder that seriously threatens the health and life of not only the affected person, but also the subject of feeling. It should be emphasized that this syndrome is more common in women, but it can also occur in men.

Adele syndrome – where did the name come from?

The Adele team owes its name to Adèle Hugo, the daughter of the French writer Victor Hugo, who She had an obsessive love for the English soldier Albert Benson, a soldier and captain in the navy. Growing up in the spirit of romance, the young woman had an idealized image of love, passion and devotion.

The story begins in 1863. The disappearance of a young woman from the family home. He finally found himself in London. She writes a letter to her parents telling them that she will soon marry Benson. Parents are not happy with this marriage, but accept the future son-in-law. However, it soon becomes clear that Captain Pinson has no intention of marrying Adèle Hugo (and never intended to do so), and, moreover, runs away from her, terrified by her obsessive feeling. She follows him all over the world. She is convinced that she is his legal wife, who is married before God. He pays off his card debts, he even pays for his games in brothels. This hunt lasted 9 years. The crazy poor woman was eventually returned to her family and then locked up in a dysfunctional sanatorium, where she spent the rest of her life. She was convinced to the end that she was Benson’s wife, and kept asking about him and waiting for his visit.

Adele syndrome – what could the symptoms be?

People with Adele Syndrome don’t realize they are The feeling of love turns into an obsession, an unpredictable and destructive dependence. They deny reality, and they don’t want psychiatric help.

What symptoms and signs may indicate Adele syndrome?

  • Sleep problems, insomnia, or persistent dreams about something in love.
  • Constantly striving to connect with the object of love, even when a person does not want to (snooping at home, at work, making phone calls at night, etc.).
  • Problems doing daily duties, problems concentrating, concentrating thoughts only on the object of love.
  • Self-deception, telling oneself that the object of love is interested in communicating with him, is tantamount to an exchange of feelings.
  • Isolate yourself from friends and family and immerse yourself in the world of your fantasies. A sick person only needs to make contact with the object of his feelings.
  • Anorexia, depressive states, apathy, which are often intertwined with euphoric states.
  • Failure to follow the rules of hygiene – the patient does not pay attention to his appearance or hygiene.
  • The emergence of suicidal thoughts and blackmailing the subject of affection: “If you don’t see me, I’ll jump in front of the train”.
  • Collect items related to or reminding you of a loved one.
  • Prepare to give all the money to the object of affection.

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Adele syndrome – what is the treatment?

In the treatment of Adele syndrome, a prompt and correct diagnosis is important, because the disease can be cured only in the initial stages. Both psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy (including antidepressants) are used here. Diet and group therapy are also important.

Without proper treatment, Adele’s syndrome leads to complete devastation for the patient, as evidenced by the story of Adele Hugo.

Adele syndrome – what are the possible causes?

It is not known what could be the cause of obsessive love. Psychologists suggest two possibilities:

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Dependent personality disorder (examples).

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The above advice cannot replace a visit to a specialist. Remember that in case of any health problems, consult a doctor.

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