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Adrianna Eisenbach from “Queens of Life” runs in the snow in a SAME BIKINI … (PHOTO)

Adrianna Eisenbach from "Queens of Life" runs in the snow in a SAME BIKINI ... (PHOTO)

popularity Adriana Eisenach It started the moment she joined the cast Queens of life. One of the colorful birds in the program was the woman – interestingly, this year Ada took the title of the most tattooed Polish woman. The “Queen” loves to brag that 96% of her body is covered in tattoos, although she claims that she is not yet done with her adventure of decorating herself.

Adriana Eisenach Also caused a lot of controversy due to the fact that She is married to a man thirty years younger than her. However, the 53-year-old admits it Such a big age difference is not a problem for their relationship. Ada f David allegedly They get along wonderfullyAnd his family has good relations with whomever his son chose.

as you see, There is no boredom in the life of celebrities. Recently, in a relationship Instagram, she bragged about a movie documenting her taking an ice bath on… Balcony.

The rest of the article is under the video

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In the video, we see Ada go out onto the balcony and dance In bikini to shovel snow. He then sits down, turns onto his back and forms a snow angel, only to escape moments later from the porch with snow on his back. The whole scene is accompanied by Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice Ice Baby”.

Adrianna also took care of a comment summarizing her achievement.

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There is no help for her anymore

If only to stir up sensations, but it’s too late for that. blah

I kind of empathize with her in a human, non-judgmental way

I don’t understand anything about this woman, of course it’s her life and I don’t judge her but it’s hard not to see her

latest comments (39)

Etam, you talk, the body is cool and with a lot of labels, so what. There I was trembling like Rexio Bacon.

People are so huge

After all, tattoos are hot!!!

I can’t swallow today, I’d rather give Toothless Jack a rope than this thing.

This was not the thing Verget did. Now it’s just snowing…

How do you disfigure your body like that?! Of course, this is a woman’s business, but I still don’t understand

in the space…

24 minutes ago

It should shoot itself into space, because it doesn’t fit anywhere here.

do you know something? Karolina Sztava of the second edition of BB is dead ..

It’s stupid to look dressed even without clothes.

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