September 21, 2021

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Afghan journalist tells Kabul Americans: "You left us to the wolves"

Afghan journalist tells Kabul Americans: “You left us to the wolves”

  • Politico collaborated with the American media and spoke to a journalist who is currently in hiding with his family
  • The journalist was asked not to reveal his identity to protect his safety, and a transcript of his statements follows
  • Residents talking about a city that was shocked by the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.
  • “I feel betrayed because I have dedicated my life to American values,” he says
  • “I leave my fate to the Almighty because I can no longer trust anyone.”

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There is great panic and fear in the city. There is a curfew, so the streets of Kabul are now completely empty and quiet.

Many journalists call me. I fear for their lives. This is the worst night of my life, for me and thousands.

It turned out Everything is against all expectations. We thought the Americans would not abandon us, and this is what is happening. We never imagined this could happen.

I have a sense of betrayal because I have dedicated my life to American values.

There were many promises, many guarantees. There was a lot of talk about values, progress, rights, women’s rights, freedom, democracy. Everything turned into empty words.

If I had known that this involvement was temporary, I would not have risked my life. I can leave Kabul or fight for freedom of speech in Afghanistan. I would be free to go anywhere in Afghanistan. But right now I am talking to you in secret. I experience it for the first time in my life.

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I’m trying to figure out a way out, maybe there’s a big problem in my mind. If I say I am not afraid, I will lie.

People here are shocked by the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. They never thought. If they leave us, thousands of people will die. And know that the United States no longer has the moral right to say, “We believe in human rights. We fight for human rights and democracy.”

I do not care if it is the Trump or Biden administration. I believed in America, but it turned out to be a big mistake. That is my opinion.

When the United States first intervened in Afghanistan, there was great optimism.

I want American policymakers to know that it is not good to abandon your allies. This is their most reckless act. It’s like leaving all of us to wolves.

The United States must be steadfast in its actions. They have to be consistent and energetic and tell the Taliban, “You can’t kill people.” It needs to be communicated in a very energetic and serious manner.

Will sending more U.S. troops help? Yes definitely. It was really shocking to hear that the Taliban were in that city. This is not in the contract.

Afghan journalists can still broadcast, but not as much as they usually do. A lot of media didn’t work before, and not all of them work now. People ran to their homes and stayed in their homes.

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I leave my fate to the Almighty because I can no longer trust anyone.

Editing: Michał Broniatowski