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Afghanistan: Families sell girls because they have nothing to eat. Hunger is increasing in the country

Afghanistan: Families sell girls because they have nothing to eat.  Hunger is increasing in the country

AFP presented the story of an Afghan who decided to sell his daughters. Six-year-old Fishta and four years her junior, Fishta, will go to the “chosen ones” whom they will marry at some point. At the moment, “men” are also underage.

For the older girl, the father received more than 3.3 thousand PLN. dollars and for the youngest – 2.8 thousand. The amounts will be paid in installments, and the last amount will go to the Afghan once the union is formally completed.

Why are families taking this desperate step? For three years, when the scale of hunger in the country increased dramatically, selling children seemed to be the only solution. The situation was exacerbated by drought, and more recently also by the political and social crisis.

David Beasley, director of the United Nations World Food Program, has estimated that nearly 23 million of Afghanistan’s 39 million people are “on the path to starvation.” In an interview with Reuters, he estimated that before the Taliban took power in the country, malnutrition threatened “only” 14 million people.

However, the authorities of the new state refuse to take responsibility for the starvation and the procedure for the arranged marriage for money. In their view, the blame rests with the widely understood West, led by the United States, and they claim that there is no money in Afghanistan, because state assets in foreign banks are frozen.

There are even cases where the workers get the grain instead of the money owed to them. The Taliban realized that such “payments” were a recipe for both economic problems and mass malnutrition.

At the same time, Sharia was introduced in the country – a set of fundamentalist Islamic rules that discriminate against women in social life. Since the coup in Afghanistan, there has been regular violence against women, and most recently even the murder of a former volleyball player in the country. The woman was beheaded because, according to the Taliban, she should not play sports.

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