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Afghanistan New York Times: Taliban monitor US, UK and NATO allies

Afghanistan New York Times: Taliban monitor US, UK and NATO allies

The U.S. newspaper “New York Times” reports that the Taliban are looking for individuals who are believed to be US, British and NATO collaborators. These statements are contrary to the guarantees of the militants who aim to lead peaceful governments.

The Taliban are looking for US, British and other NATO allies, among others, at the airport in Kabul. If the suspects are not found, they threaten to arrest and kill their family members. UN The document contains information that contradicts the militants’ intention to lead peaceful governments in Afghanistan and their readiness to cooperate with the people they regard as enemies.

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The New York Times also recalled reports that the Taliban had a list of people they wanted to interrogate and punish. Also, they already know where these people are. Already, according to the UN report, militants have entered homes and “threatened to kill or arrest the targets if they did not submit to them.”

Especially exposed to risk

The document, dated Wednesday, was prepared by the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis and submitted to the UN.

Afghanistan’s military personnel, police officers, and people working in Afghanistan’s overthrown government agencies are particularly at risk. The report included a letter from the Taliban to an Afghan counterterrorism official who is currently in hiding in cooperation with US and British forces. The man was instructed to report to the Military-Intelligence Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. If he does not, his family will be treated “according to Sharia law”.

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