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Afghanistan: Taliban bomb a demonstration. Panic erupted and there are dead

Afghanistan: Taliban bomb a demonstration.  Panic erupted and there are dead

  • Similar protests erupted on Wednesday in Jalalabad, where the Taliban opened fire on a crowd, killing three people
  • These are the first signs of resistance to the Islamic militants who took control of most of the country
  • A number of protesters were killed in the city of Asadabad, according to a witness referred to by Reuters
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The protesters waved the national flag of Afghanistan, and some of them tore down Taliban banners, local media reported. These are the first manifestations of resistance to the Islamic militants who seized most of the country, and on top of them, Kabul – the country’s capital -.

According to Muhammed Salim, an eyewitness cited by Reuters, several protesters were killed, but it is unclear whether it was rockets fired by the Taliban or out of panic among the people.

“Hundreds of people took to the streets. At first I was afraid and did not want to go, but then I saw one of my neighbors, so I carried the flag that I carry home with me. During the protests, several people were wounded and a few died ”- said the witness.

A Taliban spokesman has yet to comment on the incident.

The rest of the text is below the video.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Hardliners crush protests

Similar protests erupted on Wednesday in Jalalabad, where the Taliban fired into a crowd, killing three people.

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On August 19, Afghanistan celebrates its independence in 1919.

The suppression of the protests raises doubts about whether the fighters will live up to their promises of peaceful government and will not tire their opponents. According to the assurances of the militants, there will be no repeat of the years 1996-2001, when women had no rights, public executions were carried out and ancient monuments were destroyed.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh wrote on Twitter on Thursday, his support for the protesters.

“A salute to those who carry the national flag and thus preserve the dignity of the country,” he wrote. On Tuesday, Saleh announced that he is the “legitimate, interim” president of the country. President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday as the Taliban entered Kabul.

Chaotic evacuation in Kabul, disappearance of people and cars in the city

While US forces were manning the Kabul airport runways and controlling air traffic, the Taliban seized power in the streets of the capital and around the airport. At the moment, it is possible to leave the country only by air. Islamic militants have drawn Afghanistan’s borders and are not willing to let anyone out.

Western media reported that 40 people were killed during an evacuation attempt from Afghanistan. Many people are missing. BBC News reported that the Taliban confiscated private cars, robbed residents and prevented them from entering the airport.

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