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Afghanistan: Taliban ready for dialogue with opponents

Afghanistan: Taliban ready for dialogue with opponents

Zhirnov said in an interview with Russian television that the Taliban had asked him to “transmit their message to the leaders and people of the Panjshir Valley” that they “do not want bloodshed and are ready for dialogue.”

The Taliban said earlier on Twitter on Sunday that several hundred of its fighters had been sent to the Panjshir Valley, a region in northeastern Afghanistan controlled by anti-Taliban mujahideen.

According to the Islamists, the Mujahideen refused to surrender their lands “peacefully.”

Ahmed Masoud controls the Panjshir Valley, The son of the leader who was killed in 2001 The Mujahideen and the Northern Alliance led by Ahmad Shah Massoud, who fought the Soviet invasion and the post-communist government led by Muhammad Najibullah, and then the Taliban.

Ahmed Masoud told Al-Arabiya channel on Sunday that Willing to enter into dialogue with the TalibanBut if they reject his proposal, war is “inevitable.” He also confirmed that he does not intend to hand over the areas he controls. A few days ago, in the Washington Post, he appealed to the US authorities for help.

The Panjshir Valley is the traditional stronghold of the Mujahideen. Also in attendance was the former first vice president of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, who declared himself president after Ashraf Ghani fled the country.

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