September 22, 2021

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Afghanistan. The Taliban condemns the US attack on its territory. Biden announces more revenge

“The situation on the ground remains extremely dangerous, and the threat of a terrorist attack on the airport remains high. Our leaders have told me that an attack is highly likely within the next 24 to 36 hours,” Biden said in a statement. The President announced that he had ordered that all possible measures be taken to ensure the security of the Americans present in Kabul.

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Biden emphasized that despite the gradual withdrawal of the army and the tense situation, American civilians are constantly being evacuated from the Kabul airport.

Two important members of the Islamic State were killed

The US leader said he discussed with his advisers and military commanders the Friday and Saturday night drone attack on positions in eastern Afghanistan that killed two high-ranking members of the Islamic State of Khorasan. This jihadist organization, at odds with the Taliban, admitted to organizing Thursday’s attacks in Kabul, which killed 13 US soldiers – according to various estimates – between 95 and 170 Afghans.

“I said we would go after the group responsible for the attack on our units and innocent civilians in Kabul, and that’s what we’re doing. This raid wasn’t the last. We’ll go after everyone involved in this heinous attack,” Biden stressed. .

The Pentagon said earlier on Saturday that two high-profile Islamic State members were killed in a US retaliatory attack and another was wounded. The dead were involved in planning and preparing for future ISIS attacks.

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‘The Americans should have told us’

– The Americans should have informed us before carrying out this raid. Mujahid told Reuters on Saturday that it was an apparent attack on Afghan soil, which killed two people, two women and a child.

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On Saturday, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that two high-ranking members of the jihadist Islamic State in Khorasan Province were killed in a drone attack on Friday in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province. The Islamic State of Israel has pleaded guilty to organizing Thursday’s terrorist attacks near Kabul Airport. Thirteen American soldiers were killed, and terrorists – according to various estimates – from 95 to 170 Afghans were killed.

The leadership will make the final decision

Mujahid also repeated previous statements that the Taliban would form a government soon. Her lineup will be announced next week. He added that the Taliban had already appointed a number of officials to fill key positions, including governors and police chiefs, in 33 out of 34 Afghan provinces. He added that the final decision on women’s participation in the government would be taken by the Taliban leadership.

The Taliban official also said that after US forces leave Kabul airport – scheduled for August 31 – the Taliban will quickly take control of the airport. Mujahid said it was now too early to say whether the Taliban would need the help of Qatar or Turkey in managing the airport. On the other hand, he stressed that the traffic has enough technical personnel to conduct operations independently at the airport.

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A Taliban spokesman said work was underway to stop further depreciation of the Afghani currency and other economic problems in the country. As announced, they will soon be disbanded.

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