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After justice has determined that the recording will be aired, the channel tries the last card

Registered Expelled from Country (Photo: Disclosure)

Record fight in court

A Registration TV Africa, affiliated with Edir Macedo In Angola, he unveiled an official statement on Tuesday (20) showing that he had appealed against the country’s government’s decision to suspend the channel’s operations. Thus, the broadcaster should not be out of the air for hours.

According to the report, a step-by-step appeal was lodged against the announcement made by the Ministry of Telecommunications on Monday (19). “As long as the appellate review period is over, the said decision should not be enforced or create legal consequences”.

“The timeline for the assessment of the alleged appeal will be put on display and our legal department will already be in contact with the National Information and Corporate Communications Department of Mindix to investigate, clarify and deal with the irregularities,” the text states. In Brazil the roof of the broadcaster fell on the head of the staff and injured them.

Bishop Edir Macedo
Bishop Edir Macedo Engaged in war with religious leaders of the Church Network in Angola and is not in charge of African temples (Photo: Reproduction)

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In the Journal da Record Africa, which aired Tuesday night (20), presenter Simeno Mundula did not speak directly about the situation, but he raised the channel to be broadcast normally tomorrow, with the suspension starting date. “So we closed this Tuesday edition of JR Africa and it’s a pleasure. We will be back tomorrow, at 7:30 pm, with more news about Africa and the world,” the reporter from the record announced at the end of the show.

However, the record-breaking cable TV company announced that it would stop showing the channels to its subscribers, explaining that “Inacom – Angolan Telecommunications has advised Vita TV and Record TV Africa channels to suspend from their platform”. The main reason that led to the suspension was that the managing director of the subsidiary was not Angolan, but a Brazilian.

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The record also faces the wrath of Africans who revolted from the same owner with the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

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