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“After the match between Spain and Poland, I did not sleep for 9 hours. I received death threats.”

"After the match between Spain and Poland, I did not sleep for 9 hours. I received death threats."

Spain national team It qualified for the European Cup finals 1/8 after a stunning 5-0 victory over Slovakia. The result of the meeting could have been higher, but he did not use a penalty in the case of 0-0 Alvaro Morata. The Spanish striker with only one goal in Euro 2020 He scored in a match against Poland, but was criticized by Polish journalists for very poor effectiveness.

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Bonyak summed up the team’s performance at Euro 2020: “The main conclusion? The president is impeccable.”

Adam Mace’s summarized the European Championship 2020 presented by the Polish national team

Morata should not play the frame Not accurate. This is not an inspiration football player. is yours grams ± It puts fans to sleep, both parents and children, Josep Pedrerolle, host of “El Chiringuito” recently said.

Morata did not comment on Pedrol’s statement, but after the meeting with Sweden, he noted the widespread criticism leveled at him. “Mistakes happen, it’s part of the game,” Morata said. Everyone who has played football knows that goalkeepers come off very quickly and that you have to adapt quickly. I always give 200 percent. to represent. I played long enough to isolate myself from criticism. I’m not interested in what people think of me. I care what my colleagues say. I feel so impressed with myself – The attacker was saying.

Hungary fans at Euro 2020The Dutch captain warns before the 1/8 finals of the European Championship: We will walk off the fieldخرج

Morata revealed that his family is receiving death threats. “After the match with Poland I didn’t sleep for 9 hours”

Morata’s poor form and the fact that the striker did not take advantage of excellent positions meant that a huge wave of hatred began to pour into the attacker, which he himself said on the air of the radio station “Kobe” in the program. Partidazo.

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After the match with Poland, I did not sleep for 9 hours. I received death threats and insults against my family. Morata revealed that I am concerned that my wife has to go through this and that my children have been told everything.

And he added: – But I am fine, perhaps a few years ago I was worried about it. He’s been isolating himself from all this for several weeks. Later in the conversation, the Spanish striker referred to his poor performance in the European Championship. Maybe I didn’t do my job properly. He concluded by saying that I understand that I am under criticism for not registering, but I would like people to put themselves in my shoes, which is to receive death threats for my children.

Morata has a very strong position in the frame Luiz EnriqueWhich often begins with the installation with the Juventus striker. Spain advanced to the knockout stage from second place in Group E. In the 1/8 finals, they will play Croatia on June 28 at 18:00.

Poland SwedenAbsolute rudeness scandal. Polish actor under fire

Mural on write how you feel after the Poles’ performance

shock? infidelity? However, pride? Write how you feel next euro And find yourself in Live Mural, prepared specifically for the Euro by From the logos sent, we will choose the best ones and put them on a live mural and the largest LED display in Warsaw. The mural can be seen in Warsaw at 3 Waryńskiego Street, the screen is at Plac Unii, you can submit your requests at the link >>

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