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After the US election. Dr Kawa: Not a good time for Trump – Polski Radio 24

Prokurator generalny Merrick Garland powołał w piątek specjalnego zewnętrznego prokuratora, Jacka Smitha do przejęcia śledztw w sprawach związanych z byłym prezydentem Donaldem Trumpem. Decyzja ma na celu odsunięcie podejrzeń o potencjalny konflikt interesów po ogłoszeniu przez Trumpa kandydatury w wyborach 2024 r.

Republicans will have a majority in the US House of Representatives. President Joe Biden congratulated them on their success. Democrats will retain control of the Senate – So far they have won at least 50 of the 100 seats – but in the event of a tie, the House Speaker, Vice Speaker Kamala Harris, will have a majority. Democrats could pick up another seat after a runoff election in Georgia scheduled for Dec. 6.

Two years before the US presidential election, that has already become clear The main Republican candidates are former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Polls commissioned by Republicans show DeSantis far better than Trump, The Hill reported Friday.

Trump is lonely

Dr. Marek Cava Commenting on the state of the Republican Party, its candidates did not achieve as good results as expected. From – Trump is a bit lonely today, it’s not a good time for him, conservatives also want to take him in charge, Fox News and Murdoch are away from him – the expert noted.

– The Democrats did not give up either (…) The Attorney General announced the appointment of a special commission that would handle a dozen or more charges against the former president within the Department of Justice. It’s no coincidence that the attorney general brought up such an initiative a day after Trump announced his candidacy, the broadcast’s guest noted.

10:06 PR24 2022_11_19-19-47-36.mp3 Dr. Donald Trump’s Political Future Marek Cava (Polski Radio 24 / Zoom In)

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The Republican takeover of the House of Representatives, the lower house of the US Congress, effectively marks the implementation of President Joe Biden’s plan and the end of tense negotiations over the budget and debt ceiling. According to the Republican announcement, this would mean, among other things, parliamentary investigations into the president’s son, and possible impeachment.

More on the recording of the broadcast.

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Plan: Zoom into the world

Chairman: Lucas Sobolewski

Guest: Dr. Marek Gava

Release Date: November 19, 2022

Airtime: 19.47


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