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After the US primaries: MAGA doesn’t have to win

After the US primaries: MAGA doesn't have to win

The US primaries ended with votes in New Hampshire, Delaware and Rhode Island. They are gearing up for November’s midterm elections, in which Americans will primarily vote for congressional representatives, but also for local officials in many states. 36 states elect governors.

The outcome of the 2024 presidential election will depend on who takes these positions, as the winners will shape the country’s policy for the next two years.

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America is still staring at Trump

In the Republican Party, far-right candidates were clearly visible in the primaries, and were up to 36 percent. “They gave the impression that the grand movement being pulled by former President Donald Trump was firmly entrenched in the party,” writes the Washington Post.

In the Democratic primaries, the far-left, so-called Democratic Socialists, despite their popularity on social media, wave slogans like “take away police funding,” “public health insurance for all,” or “the Green New Deal.” Moderate candidates on the other hand won. “The extreme left is not as strong as the right,” says Elaine Kamarak of the Brookings Institution.

What does this mean ahead of the November election? Democratic candidates fighting for votes against MAGA candidates in November are rubbing their hands because their opponents, with their extreme views, are easy to defeat. For example, in New Hampshire, Dan Bolduc, the front-runner to contest the 2020 presidential nullification, won the Senate race as a Republican. These state Democrats supported him with advertisements, weakened. Chances are for his moderate opponent because they know Bolduc’s radical views give their representative a better chance in the November election.

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Other states such as Arizona, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania have already seen Trump’s anointed Senate nominees do poorly in the polls. – We are more likely to have a majority in the House of Representatives than in the Senate. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the quality of the candidates is key here.

Republicans got what they wanted when the Texas primary went to the polls last March: high inflation, economic uncertainty, and an unpopular opposition leader. But in a few months, Democrats, who had no chance of retaining their Senate majority in the November mid-term elections in March, gained new political weapons, including the future of legal abortion and the future of democracy. They hope to get votes from the electorate by turns.

Reports on the state of the economy, especially monthly inflation reports, further hurt the Democrats’ image. They benefit from statements like Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s legislative proposal to ban terminations nationwide after 15 weeks, despite the Supreme Court’s June decision that struck down the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy, regardless of state laws protecting access to abortion.

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