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Agata and Peter Rubik reported on a family vacation in Hawaii. Food prices and sunbeds are dropping off your feet

Agata and Peter Rubik reported on a family vacation in Hawaii.  Food prices and sunbeds are dropping off your feet

Agata and Peter RubikAnd, like many of their famous friends, they just went on vacation abroad. The famous couple chose the United States as their destination and began their journey with a visit to San Francisco. They are now in Hawaii, enjoying the sun and local attractions.

Agata Rubik From the start, her husband and wife reported about the family’s journey on Instagram, where they can count on the applause of a huge crowd of fans. So far, they have already shown how to relax by the water and spend time with their daughters on one of the beaches, but of course, there are many attractions that they offer during their stay in the USA.

Agata and Peter Rubik relax in Hawaii

No one doubts that a trip to Hawaii is not the cheapest trip, and this is just the beginning of potential expenses. Meanwhile, Piotr and his wife organized short question-and-answer sessions on their Instagram profiles, where they revealed, among other things, The cost of the sunbeds itselfWhere they relax on the local beach. At the same time, celebrities have expressed amazement that people keep it and then don’t use it.

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Rubik’s “Delivery of Horror”

This is not the end, because Rubik made money in the United States Your “horror delivery”About state portals you are already writing. On Instastories, the celebrity informed followers that she and her family went out for a meal – no surprise here – that wasn’t cheap at all. Agata and Peter bought their daughter an omelette with ham and cheese, and they had to pay for it About $18, or about PLN 80.

Ala’ doesn’t like a lot of things, today she managed to arrange an omelette with ham and cheese with her – I wrote.

Reports of “Reporting Rubik’s Horror” have finally reached those who commented on it while on the beach. Agata showed how Piotr found an article about her while browsing news from the country. She added a short comment on this issue.

Cucumber season is in full swing She said with a smile.

Agata Rubik answers the question why she and her husband travel to Hawaii so often

It is worth noting that Rubik’s American vacation is only their second trip to the United States this year. Until recently, Agata had to deal with questions about “why do they travel to Hawaii so often”.

How many times? Only the second time this year She replied clearly amused.

See how they are resting now.

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$18 to them is like 18 zlotys, and they rudely asked people in the epidemic for money…no words. Shame and shame. Put on your socks, because collapse and poverty prepare. Aaaa… I’m sorry. Prefer to ask people.

Take a screenshot of your next trip


29 minutes ago

I don’t even know how to comment on that – go to Hawaii and complain about the prices 🤦‍♀️ It’s like going to Balenciaga and talking is expensive.

Only those were missing!

Recent Comments (69)

I do not understand the message – to be so dear, and they can bear it? Are you complaining what was there to go? They also have such beautiful beaches in cheap countries

After all, she has never earned 1 PLN in her life

Because no one rents the halls. Sun beds can be purchased at Wanlgreens for $20 and used for the duration of your stay.

From eight in the morning until evening on the beach, because they paid for the sun beds, they use them. However, I recommend seeing a little bit of the world from behind the lounge chair 🙂

Not exceptionally grass. In a month, she will tell you that she has little money and is very tired

Bad people, no sense of time or place, embarrassing.

Let the Chanel boutique create drama – I’ll buy a fake at the bazaar that is expensive, but the onions are very small and the onions just come out of the pocket.

You can always relax in agrotourism, bathe in the nearby lake/river, pick berries, ride a bike, play soccer… why send horror receipts? Should others sympathize?

Rubik is behaving worse than usual Janusz, he’s going on vacation complaining about the cost!

Pablo Binions

11 minutes ago

Hello, I don’t understand! First, they pride themselves on being in Hawaii. Because such reports are just bragging and not a travel blog with useful information! Then some hysteria and “horror receipts”. Onion Rings Applause: If you could afford such a trip, which regularly proves to less affluent citizens, you might stop pretending that anything in Hawaiian reality grabs and hurts you. Also, Hawaii has always been the most expensive state in the US, so your bogus assertions are ridiculous and embarrassing.

Another woman kept her stepfather – rich of course

I can’t digest all the celebrities who begged for money during the pandemic and brazenly shot us in the face with vacation photos for millions of coins. They know where to stick

It’s like in Switzerland, it’s a little painful, but when you go somewhere, you have to realize that these are the prices.

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