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Agnieszka Hyży is proud of a new project. “We were able to create a beautiful picture with a unique story”

Agnieszka Hyży is proud of a new project.  "We were able to create a beautiful picture with a unique story"

Agnieszka Hyży She is mainly known for her role as a journalist and TV presenter. Celebrities have been associated with Polsat for years, running entertainment shows. However, since the appearance of her second child in the world, she has limited her presence in the world of show business. Now Hyży has taken on a completely different new role.

A celebrity often repeats that every new career challenge is a lot of fun for her. Recently, you can meet her on the set of the Clochee brand, the Polish company of natural cosmetics. this time Agnieszka Hyży She did not appear in the foreground, but was on the other side of the camera, playing the role of “love spokeswoman”.

Today, the world needs love in all its shapes and forms. We won’t be able to share this love until we find it within ourselves. By loving ourselves, and seeing the beauty in ourselves, we will be able to look at others the same way – Hyży says.

Agnieszka Hyży decided to produce a niche for a cosmetics brand because, she says, she values ​​and loves working with people who care about a valuable message. And there’s so much more to the #loyaltyfeed than the new campaign slogan.

This time, as a producer, with a great team by my side, we were able to create a beautiful image with a unique story on top. Let it “fly” in the world! Hyży wrote and published her first website.

A little more and the reminder of the Seb and Raff project will disappear

Maffashion told you to remove xd

A woman with class. Beautiful and smart. This is the complete opposite of Maya.

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Was it created?

Zendaya confirmed on Instagram that she is in a relationship with Tom Holland! Write about it, box!!!

So over-directed even…. I Wanna.

Like this rags and what did you do? Imho nothing, trying to exist, finding a place after lack of TV participation..too much hype about nothing

Poodle, take care of you and Sandra K. They say they were having an affair, it looks like

All is well with her: she is beautiful as a doll and arranged in her head … And she does not reach out, saying: I deserve it. An equal grandmother, she should be admired and supported. If I had a company, I would remarket it

Why is Pudelek deleting some comments?

Is this a sponsored article?

A positive change for Grzegorz. Maja Agnieszka is not up to the heels in any aspect of educating the intelligentsia.

Advertising and cosmetics again.

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