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Agnieszka Hyży revealed the baby’s gender and name! She also showed a charming picture of Grzegorz with the baby

Agnieszka Hyży revealed the baby's gender and name!  She also showed a charming picture of Grzegorz with the baby

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in the middle of november Agnieszka Hyży She posted a picture with the baby in her hand and announced it a few days ago ¶wiat Her condolences came. The journalist has been trying to have another child for a long time (for many years she has been raising her daughter from her previous marriage with Mikowaj Wait). Two months ago, I announced it with Grzegorz Hyżym They are expecting offspring, but to everyone’s surprise, the star did not want to know if she had a daughter or a son under her heart. Everything appeared only during childbirth. The proud parents shared their newborn baby photos Baby.

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Agnieszka Hyży revealed the baby’s gender and name

Agnieszka Hy¿y In one of her Instagram posts, she described pregnancy and childbirth as “a very long journey.” She posted a likable photo of a baby on the Internet. Now her husband Grzegorz made the same gesture. By the way, he revealed the name of the descendant. The star couple had a son.

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Leon – the singer wrote briefly.

Agnieszka shared the same photo of Grzegorz and little Leon on her profile. small my mom She is also proud of her son’s name.

Agnieszka Hyży wondered a few weeks ago why her relatives kept asking her about her gender Baby.

For some time now, the question I hear practically every day has been: “Boy or girl, son or daughter?”. And I love this confusion when I say, “Surprise. We don’t know.” I’m sure many who ask me believe me on average, including our loved ones. Folks, we really don’t know. Is it really weird to leave at least a secret? I asked rhetorically.

Congratulations to the journalist and singer on the expansion of the family.

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