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Agnieszka Hyży showed a photo from the baby shower. Questions were asked about the gender of the child

Agnieszka Hyży showed a photo from the baby shower.  Questions were asked about the gender of the child

  • Agnieszka Huey and her husband, Grzegorz Huey, will soon welcome their first joint child into the world.
  • The journalist and singer decided that they would not know the gender of the child until the end. The birth will be a big surprise for them
  • As Agnieszka Hyży reveals, their friends don’t quite believe they don’t know the gender of the baby
  • Also included were questions about whether the stars would soon welcome a boy or girl into the world during the baby shower, which her friends organized for Agnieszka Hyża
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Agnieszka Hyży Counting the days until the birth of the first child Grzegorz Hyżym. Let us remind you that the journalist and her husband are already raising 8-year-old Marta, who is the daughter of a presenter from a previous relationship. In addition to the singer, being a husband Mi HueyHe has two sons: Victor and Alexander. They both agree They don’t want to know the gender of their first joint childThey also talked about it in a recent interview. This status is constantly maintained, which, as Agnieszka Hyży revealed in her latest Instagram post, was surprising to many of her friends:

“I am more than sure that many of those who ask They believe me on average, including our relatives. Folks, we really don’t know!“- says Agnieszka Hyży on Instagram.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

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My friends organized a baby shower for Agnieszka Hyża. I came as a guest ‘all in white’

In her long Instagram post, Agnieszka Hyży dedicated several sentences to the halo of mystery about the gender of her child with Grzegorz Hyży:

Is it really weird to leave this at least until the end a secret? as you see, You can’t ask questions, not check… just wait patientlyAs for our exceptional case ”- the journalist defends her idea.

“He watches my face closely, but if I do not reveal my face and my reaction, what is the answer” – adds the entertaining presenter.

Agnieszka Hyży don’t hide it She was accompanied by a similar set of questions during the famous event called “Baby Shower”.Organized by her friends a few weeks ago:

Grzegorz’s wife Hyż admitted that she did not know anything until the end, and the meeting was a success:

“In a nice, reliable group, we had what is now called a ‘baby shower. They know me well, so they did everything calmly, without arrogance and without tension ... – The presenter writes with appreciation.Dress code… blue and pink! Team Pink won… I wonder if the You have a good feeling⁉️Agnieszka Hyży asks for a grain of salt.

In the end, beloved Grzegorz Hyżego thanked her friends:

Today, I am sharing some frames from these moments to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting it!“.

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How do you think Agnieszka Hyży will give birth to a daughter or a son?

The grand celebration of the Pleiades stars on October 25, 2021.

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