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Agnieszka Wo¼niak-Starak gave herself permanent makeup. The effect is very visible, but everyone is pleased with it

Agnieszka Wo¼niak-Starak gave herself permanent makeup.  The effect is very visible, but everyone is pleased with it

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak She’s been loyal to the blonde for years Poetry and sensitive Make-up. However, she recently decided to emphasize her natural beauty a bit more. According to “Super Express”, I decided to Make-up Permanent, no freckles. These make the presenter look young.

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Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak showed home

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak got permanent makeup

Making or emphasizing freckles, which Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak decided, is a procedure that can be performed in beauty salons or in aesthetic medicine. Its cost ranges from 500 PLN to 1,000 PLN. According to the expert, the effect will not last forever.

Freckles made with permanent makeup add charm and appetite, and this dye will last for about a year. The use of such a procedure serves Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak – said Marcin Janusek, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, in an interview with “Super Express”.

Fans noticed the change in the presenter’s latest photo and are happy with the result.

These freckles are gorgeous, I envy you.

Lovely. And the freckles are gorgeous, like Pippi’s – netizens wrote on the Instagram account of Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak.

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Adding permanent freckles is a fairly new trend. However, the dots on the nose and cheeks were not always desirable. They were generally considered unattractive, and were even the subject of ridicule. Years ago, women did everything to get rid of them, often using grandmother’s methods to whiten them. They often accompany people with very fair skin, as well as redheads her hair. right Now direction Turn around and freckles have been promoted among makeup influencers who advise you to draw nice faint brown dots on your nose.

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We also think freckles match the presenter’s beauty. And how do you like Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak’s freckles?

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