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Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak on the ecological disaster on the Oder: “I honestly think the case is lost” (video)

Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak on the ecological disaster on the Oder: “I honestly think the case is lost” (video)

For nearly a month, the Polish government has been dealing with an environmental disaster on the Odra River. Although the first information about dead fish on the surface of the river appeared at the end of July, the authorities ignored the matter. Only after twelve days or so was it decided to take the first steps.

Every day, tons of dead fish are caught from the water. Environmentalists, firefighters and volunteers are battling to reduce the effects of river poisoning. Unfortunately, the services are still not able to answer the question of what led to the environmental disaster.

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Comment on the increasingly obvious climate change and human impact on the environment Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak. In an interview with Pudelek, the celebrity admitted that she is watching the whole thing with great sadness and that she does not have much hope of saving the situation. According to the journalist, serious changes are needed in the system. She spoke cautiously of the example she was setting herself. Although she is trying to introduce changes that will help take care of the environment, there is still an internal combustion car in her garage.

What’s going on is terrible. We have no control. Systematically, it has not been resolved in any way whatsoever. I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I am not an ecologist. I’m trying to drive an electric car, but I also have internal combustion cars. I love animals and I try to fight for them.

I’m shocked that we can all do little things, but what we really need are changes at the top. I honestly think the case is lost. Climate change, drought and environmental disasters. I can’t see the light in the tunnel. I’m more inclined to look at the scenario that we’re actually going to destroy this planet. You will be reborn, but we will not be there anymore.

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Please join the Ruthenians who are constantly traveling in order to save the planet. Perhaps he will reach Oder, as long as he finds luxury villas for rent there.

There is a woman who wears different clothes every day

You celebs will definitely be ruined… It really gets on my nerves, it’s being eco-friendly… and you know how it is…

“Those at the top”? I think this group also includes celebrities, because they can buy 3 cars, private jets etc, I don’t know if the average Kowalski can fly to the Maldives several times a year.

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I thought it would tell something about my husband’s last night on the canoe…

It is true that you are not environmentally friendly. If you don’t have more than enough cars, you will ride a bike or gather a lot of clothes and gadgets and, depending on nature, will undergo aging processes, as well as choosing holidays and economic life, on foot and with very little or no meat at all. In turn, you promote unhealthy standards of appearance, promote fashion and be fashionable, which mercilessly eats our planet. So everything you will say about measles is simply incredible.

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look at you…

42 minutes ago

Our problem is that we look at others … Look at the ordinary pole, what are you doing for the future of your children … You buy a swimming pool and you pour water in it without thinking, so that the children have something to do Rinse it, you bathe 5 times a day, you buy meat until the basket bends and you can Double these mindless decisions… Agnieszka is a vegetarian, she helps animals and does a lot of nice things, why do you expect celebrities and the rich to save the world? There are relatively few of them, and they are rich because you fill them with your unrestricted consumption. And it only takes so little for everyone to give up on the little things every day…

Keep pressing the sticker

So you think…

1 hour ago

“We’re all going to die! In the meantime, I’ll buy myself more shoes from D&G and a szanel wallet.”

To me, you’re the worst hypocrite, and it’s only money that matters to him

Therefore, having children is the greatest selfishness today. These children will suffer from a lack of water and living conditions. You will see. The planet is so crowded that it begins to fight the parasitic man.

I know this is socialist thinking, but for a while watching celebrity Instagram accounts, I came to the conclusion that instead of promoting the praise of consumerism and augmenting my country already unimaginable for the average Polish representative of the middle class, I should dedicate a lot. Assets to help municipalities. For example, investments in the field of so-called little retention. We are facing a real drought, and the municipalities have not implemented their water harvesting plans for 15 years.

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Dear Madam …

2 hours. Ago

I agree with you 100%, but when that comes, whoever has money will still live in luxury, and hard-working people have nothing of this life.

Beautiful horse, just wondering if the star in the head is tattooed on it like Agnieszka’s freckles.

Mrs. Badziviac Siarak is an outstanding thinker.

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