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Alan Krupa posted a picture with a girl! Even Edita Gorniak left the comment (photo)

Alan Krupa posted a picture with a girl!  Even Edita Gorniak left the comment (photo)

Alan Krupa Because he is a son Edita Gorniak He has been the subject of media attention since he was just born into the world. No wonder the 18-year-old, who grew up in the spotlight, associates the future with watching the business. Alan decided to follow in the footsteps of a famous father and become a musician. But instead of singing stories, she prefers to rap. On the single released at the end of June, we heard her “buzzing” about it he is “Pie* the bottom man.”

Creator under a pseudonym forget Eddie’s eldest son noted his vulgar confession in a photo posted to Instagram at the end of June. right Now Threw a picture where we see how Mysterious blonde kisses.

I’d say it out loud, but I’m a gentleman Sign the romantic picture.

The rest of the article is below the video

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The face of the one chosen from his heart was not visible in the frame added by Krupa, who was smitten. However, the beginning rapper seems to be getting a lot bolder when it comes to showing off. Saturday appeared on his profile Another picture with a girl. This time we can like it Face.

Many friendly reactions from netizens appeared under the image of lovers in front of the mirror.

You two are a cute couple; brain attack – We read.

Gornyak made a comment. However, the artist was not too extravagant and was only left under the position heart symbol.

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Well this middle finger of the piece is starting his career as an influencer 😉

Is he supposed to be a soldier?

Knee-high socks and sandals.

Alan Too Little Janusz xD

More and more like my father.

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Deliberately provoke sucks life and does not adapt!

Neither handsome nor beautiful! This Polish young man, Janusz (white flip-flops and scars) and a smiling face, is unblemished with intelligence

Is she blonde or brunette after all? It varies in each photo.

Run away like a war behind the fence. like this soldier

They met perfectly. 100% match

Yesu how unsuccessful it is …

remote marketer

1 hour ago

Other rap music PiKej: D

Edesia as the wife’s mother… God, this boy will always be single, no one will marry him

Look well. He lost weight.

That pretty plum lipstick on Edita’s lips, what kind of company is that, where does anyone know to buy one?

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