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Alarming results of the Ukrainian intelligence. It’s about Russian plans

"Ryzyko użycia przez Rosję taktycznej broni jądrowej przeciwko Ukrainie jest bardzo duże. Gdyby do tego doszło, mogłyby zostać zaatakowane duże skupiska wojsk w pobliżu linii frontu, a także ważne punkty dowodzenia i obiekty infrastruktury krytycznej" - ocenił przedstawiciel ukraińskiego wywiadu wojskowego (HUR) Wadym Skibicki.

“The risk of Russia’s use of tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine is very high. If this happens, large concentrations of forces near the front lines, as well as important command points and critical infrastructure facilities, can be attacked” – said the representative of Ukraine Military Intelligence (HUR) Wadym Skibicki.

In order to stop such an attack, we need not only anti-aircraft systems, but also anti-missile systems – Skipke’s assessment in an interview with the British newspaper “The Guardian”. He quoted his statement on the HUR website.

If Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, it means the end of Russia; No one in the world, including China, would like to have anything to do with the Kremlin at that time – Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (RBNiO) said in an interview with the independent Russian TV Nastyashi Vremya on Wednesday.

In his opinion, Russia “certainly will not use strategic nuclear weapons”, while the use of tactical shipments against Ukraine would entail significant risks for Moscow. Russia will become an enclave isolated from the civilized world Danilov warned.

As he added, the Kremlin continues its efforts to involve Belarus in the war against Ukraine. We know that Putin pressures Lukashenka every day to start aggression from Belarus. We are aware of all this. Until the last meeting (of both leaders) in Sochi was about this. However, I don’t think Lukashenka would decide to do that – said the head of RCNiO.

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According to Danilov, the mobilization in Russia to go to war with a neighboring country will not affect the future course of the conflict. Nothing will change because it cannot change. The key is that We are at home and defend our country. Half an hour after we announced our need for additional forces to defend the homeland, there will be queues in front of the military leaders – The interlocutor announced to independent Russian media.

The number of enemy soldiers entering (Ukrainian) slavery will only increase – confirmed Danilov.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby warned on September 21 about this If Russia uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, it will face dire consequences. In doing so, he recalled the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who declared that he would use “all necessary means to defend” Russia in the event of a threat to the country, and assured him that he was “not deceiving.”

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday that the administration of President Joe Biden takes Putin’s threats “fatal seriously.”

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