May 12, 2021

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Albaca Antibody Fights Major Types of Covit-19 – News

A team of Chilean researchers who discovered antibodies against Covit-19 in alpacas in 2020 have found that it is capable of fighting Brazilian, British and South African strains. New corona viruses, Wednesday (14) University of Australia de Chile (UAC) information.

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In April 2020, UAC researchers, who conducted the study in collaboration with Australian and European scientists, were able to isolate and produce a “powerful antibody” capable of infecting immune cells against the virus from the animal’s immune system.

Albaca Buddha’s W25 antibody is “one of the best neutralizers for exposure to fog and extreme temperature conditions, making it an excellent treatment option,” the company explained in a statement.

The new results, obtained in collaboration with the University of Queensland in Australia, show that in addition to combating South African and British strains, the antibody is capable of binding strongly to the Brazilian protein spike, indicating the potential for neutralization and the effect on strain, which will be evaluated in the coming weeks.

Lack of investment

The team, led by Alejandro Rojas, head of the UAC Medical Biotechnology Laboratory, lamented that, despite its importance, it did not receive the financial support needed to test the findings in practice.

The study received an investment of 200 million pesos (about US $ 282 thousand) from the regional government of Valdivia in southern Chile, but still needs 2 million to 3 million US dollars to develop drugs that require thousands of doses. Start clinical trials in Chile, according to UACh.

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The goal is to bring this synthetic antibody to patients in a safe and effective way, which will be evaluated in the coming months with the support of a team led by Daniel Watson and Kelly Ann Jurato of the University of Queensland. Pennsylvania (USA).

Scientists have called on Chilean President Sebastian Pinara to support the initiative and seek the support of public and private sector fundraisers.

“If they had supported us a year ago, we would have been able to cooperate with health measures already subject to clinical trials. Antibodies produced in camels would be a viable treatment alternative worldwide,” Rojas said in the statement.

“Scientists at Agent University in Belgium have developed a neutral antibody similar to Chile. However, they have reached more than $ 50 million in investment for development between public and private contributions,” Rojas said.