May 12, 2021

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Alberto Fernandez from Argentina responds to Bolsanaro on military role in epidemics | The world

President Alberto Fernandez, Dr. Argentina, Responded Thursday to a text posted by Jair Bolzano on social media.

Brazil posted a post on its profile saying, “The Argentine army must keep people home on the streets. Curfew order from 8pm to 8am.”

Argentina tightens sanctions today against the registration of Covit-19 cases

Fernandez said in a radio interview that the military plays a supporting role in corona virus outbreaks in Argentina.

The Argentine president said he considered it “interesting to say such a thing”.

“They protect officials and companies who have done a job in a democracy, and from this place they collaborate in a wonderful way on epidemics and get help to the most vulnerable places,” Fernandez said.

New activities in Argentina

On Wednesday night, the Argentine government announced new measures to curb the circulation of people to stop the second corona virus in the country.

Commenting on the role of the Armed Forces, Fernandez said, “I asked you to help me set up health posts to expedite the exams.”

“The military has very qualified doctors and nurses, this is what I heard. I did not declare a state of siege or think about doing so, and the Armed Forces did not do internal security, They have to do their best, that is, to support the people in a catastrophic situation, “he added.

Argentina faces the pace of epidemics, with nearly 25,000 new cases on Wednesday, and experts warn that the hospital system is nearing the limit.

With a population of 45 million, Argentina has accumulated 2.6 million cases and 58,542 deaths since the onset of the Kovit-19 epidemic.

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