July 28, 2021

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Alexander Sikora has a fiasco in TVP!  Get him out of sight

Alexander Sikora has a fiasco in TVP! Get him out of sight

Live programming always runs the risk of not always working according to a predetermined scenario. Journalists should prepare for recordings ahead of time to prevent a possible crash.

Recently, the live advertisement of Alexander Sikora, who had a dictation problem on the air, went wrong. After the broadcast of “Tele Express”, the presenter of the “Question for Iftar” program appeared on the vision to announce the upcoming programs.

Alexander invited viewers to the next episode of “The name of this melody?” Then he wanted to inform the fans of the upcoming Euro 2020 match, in which England and Germany will play. Unfortunately, the speech apparatus was playing a trick on the presenter, and the presenter backed off.

TVP operators responded immediately and first disconnected the presenter’s microphone, and then quickly removed it from the antenna. A funny video clip of a journalist’s accident was leaked on the network and has been entertaining Internet users to this day.

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