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Alexandra Domisca finally reveals how she named her son! Call it gender-neutral

Alexandra Domisca finally reveals how she named her son!  Call it gender-neutral

At the beginning of October last year Alexandra Domaisca She told her Instagram followers that she has become a mother. Contrary to the prevailing practice in the show business, she does not reveal the child’s name or gender, in order to protect his privacy. Soon, she only admitted that she gave the offspring a gender-neutral name.

reaction to words Alexandra Domaisca They were surprisingly extreme, and online advocates of traditional values ​​hung dogs on the actress. Some have even suggested that she harm her child with a gender-neutral name, which she did not leave unanswered. At the same time, she was clearly surprised by the scale of the indignation at her decision.

A gender-neutral name, dear haters, it’s no stranger to nature. Such a name, for example, Alex, Kai, Max, Eli, Ari, Ariel, Aron, Sasha. Are they strange? Thanks to fate that my life is full of moments, events and people that make someone’s name not cause for unhealthy excitement for me. I wish you the best and lots of acceptance – I wrote at the time.

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We don’t know if it was the sudden intense reaction of observers that prompted the actress to keep the baby’s name a secret, but now all interested parties can find out what name her son was given. In a new Instagram post, Domańska revealed between the words that Her child is called Ariel.

Of course, under the post there were many warm words from Ola’s famous friends, as well as from her followers. In fact, many of them expressed their admiration for the name she chose.

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I bind Ariel with washing powder

Is there anyone here who cares? Please report, because I don’t think there is at least one such person.

In fact, Ariel is a very gender-neutral name….I’m electro*each one is better!

23-year-old famous actress who got into a rainbow ring in the cabaret, cheated on her boyfriend

Hi, I’m Dorota, a woman who is curious about the world and cheerful. I don’t know if he’s an inner artist and an artist that sparkles with color, but I am too.

Recent Comments (113)

Poor child, to find such a parent.

I think the better name is OMO..

Only that Ariel is a male name

Who cares what she called it? In fact, you have nothing to write about anymore?

Bor alluvka …

2 minutes. Ago

And when you give an umbrella, it’s Alexander 😂

Not recent…

2 minutes. Ago

All these names, dear madam, are either male or female. For example Alex is male, Kai is female, Ariel is a washing powder. It is impartial to name a child as God commanded and not as a snowman to submit to temporary fashion.

Yes, it’s a neutral name, actually a washing powder name, I feel sorry for the baby

will or will work.

Ariel, Marek Sikora in Majka Skowron’s Madness, future husband of Grażyna Wolszczak, Ariel, Ariel the mermaid and about a girl and a boy, Josefina, Stanisław, Vyslav, Chislau, even Andrei and Kristoff will probably strike. What annoys this, I’d rather be Ariel

They should take this child from her, she is not a suitable mother. Where is the social welfare?

Maybe powder, but it smells great!

Ariel as Ariel Castro “Cleveland Leap”

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