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Alexandra Ibrusca remembers her conversation with her son about sex: “Oh my God, mom, how many times have you done this ?!”

Alexandra Ibrusca remembers her conversation with her son about sex: “Oh my God, mom, how many times have you done this ?!”

Alexandra Szybruska I married 15 years Michael Chebrowski In 2009. In February of this year, the couple brought happy news to the fans. Francesc, Henrik and Felix’s mother in a rather funny way She announced that she was pregnant with a fourth child. By attaching the photo on Instagram, the information that “It’s not COVID, it’s Michał.”

Alexandra Szybruska appeared on the last cover.Fifi”Where I presented it to the exposed belly of the lamb, cut into a watermelon. She also gave an interview in which she raised many issues related to her private life. wife Michael Chebrowski She opened her doors to topics such as: sex, marriage and motherhood.

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The couple recently took part in Anji Rubik’s new project. Parents of three children Then they shared their experiences to support those who don’t know how to talk to their children about sex, Because it is often a taboo for them. Alexandra came back to this topic again in an interview with “Viva”.

We lack the willingness to speak wisely and consciously about puberty and sexualityMale Żebrowska.

She also told a funny story about her son who was once He thanked her for “doing it with Micah”.

I say, she explained to her child that sex was not a duty, but a pleasure, which in turn caused her child a great surprise. Celebrities had to face another wave of interesting questions.

“I know, maybe you do this every year…? Often?! My God, how many times have you done this?!”. He was afraid of this vision. I was like, “Some people do it once a year, some people do it once a week, some people do it every day. You have to remember that sex is a fun thing…”. He doesn’t seem convinced: “Mom, I don’t care about others. I ask how many times I’ve done this!” – She admitted amused.

Lack of intimacy… The child may not want all his class or his friends to know what topics he brings up with his mother.

The boundaries of embarrassment are clearly off-limits. He is making fun of his child! Talking about sex is important, but it should remain between the parents and the child. And do not fly to the newspapers with it. What a woman!!!!!

One day this boy will read it and be embarrassed. Some things should be left at home

Do you do anything other than give birth?

I will say this – a bit of a shame…

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And did you know that starting July 1, the tax office will have access to every account for every pole?

A troubled woman is still trying to raise children…

How often do tampons change? Is it used in an ecological way, i.e. several times??

For a while now, Żebrowski looks like Andrzej Seweryn…

When I was 11 and discovered condoms in my dad’s drawer, it was a real shock to me. At the age of many, the child is already partially aware of sex, but cannot imagine it as something disgusting. Talk like this you have to realize that sex is fun, just disgusting, nothing more. Sex drive, awareness of others comes with time. But she’s modern and educated by Rubik’s, so you probably don’t know it.

She’s scandalous, if she were a man, she’d wear a long coat in the parks and you know what…

Woman, you are trying to be an ambassador for women’s rights and awareness, and at the same time strip yourself of the remnants of your loudness, and thanks to your arguments and your pictures, I see you as a sex machine and have children. Literally… I’m sorry to see that…

I wouldn’t do that to a child. The fact that you are an actor does not mean that the children share your opinion. Little respect for children’s privacy

It ends more and more.

When I was a child and discovered what sex was and how I grew up, I felt terrible disgust towards my mother and unimaginable anger towards her for perhaps not only once did she do it to create me (which I would have forgiven then), but more often (and yet I loved her and what I still love her more than my life) and pure hatred for my father, which I have disposed of in my mind in various ways. I didn’t want to get to know both of them, when I imagined what they could do behind the wall, I went through mental agony as a kid and wanted to escape 😂 for me it was something brutal, filthy, disgusting and completely incomprehensible..a real childhood trauma I remember so far, however I’m an adult and I’m really a mother. I know, he’s a bit sick… 😂

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What a crap, we already have such a wise mother, people who need the intricacy to tell the world such things, and how we can boast of doing them with her husband. Zinada!!!!!!!! don’t delete

Well, we are waiting for the answer, it is not a problem for you, considering the “Instagram view” we are sorry, please share this information.

I don’t know what she is, but she is very despicable and she is a beautiful woman. However, there is a kind of forgetful aura around her.

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