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Alexandra Szybruska frowns in the photo from the hospital. Her husband’s question during childbirth angered her

Alexandra Szybruska frowns in the photo from the hospital.  Her husband's question during childbirth angered her

Alexandra Szybruska On Saturday she gave birth to a daughter. Michael Chebrowski He has already shared a photo from the hospital showing his wife beaming. Now, the happy mother threw a picture in a completely different style – with a grimace on her face. At the same time, she admitted what upset her during childbirth. Other women have complained of similar behavior to celebrity fathers.

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Alexandra Ibruska was furious at the question she had heard from Mishach Chybrowski

Alexander Żebrowska shared a photo on Instagram that sees her lying in a hospital bed. At first glance, she looked annoyed. From the description of the photo, we can know that it was her husband who upset her.

When my husband is in the delivery room he asks me “Does it hurt?” This is perhaps the most hated question. I’ve saved more from Instagram and I’m posting it here.

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In the same post, Żebrowska shared other annoying questions that netizens have encountered.

Why does your spine hurt too?

Why don’t you reply?

Already closer or farther?

do you blame me

Alexander and Micha Cheprussi They have already raised three sons: 12 years old FrancisNine-year-old Henrik and almost two-year-old Felix. The couple’s first daughter is definitely perfect free gift From fate to three older brothers. So far, the parents have not mentioned the name of the youngest child. Once they do, we will let you know.

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