September 22, 2021

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Alexei Navalny spoke about psychological violence in prison

Alexei Navalny spoke about psychological violence in prison

  • Navalny Prison was previously notorious for being tortured. Now psychological violence is being used there, says the opposition activist in an interview with a journalist
  • In an interview with the New York Times, Navalny described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “quasi-mad Tsar” and said he had “lost his mind”.
  • Nevertheless, the politician sees hope for Russia, anticipating a change in the political situation in the future. – He said – sooner or later this error will be corrected and Russia will enter the path of European democratic development
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Navalny assessed that the fact that President Putin tried to kill him proves it “He lost his mind” which is the “classic case of a semi-mad Caesar”. – We know the FSB killers [Federalnej Służby Bezpieczeństwa – red.] They started following me while traveling across the country literally on the day I announced my plan to run for president. Is this a smart move? Seriously, he ordered the security services to kill a political opponent with chemical weapons? Not a very cool idea. But Putin did this because he is possessed by his own fears and ideas, and by assessing the opposition.

He said that although the center where he is staying was previously known to torture prisoners, he had not heard of any cases of beatings, adding that the facility’s specialty is psychological violence.

– I have not heard of them beating someone – on the contrary, by constant provocation, they put you in a situation where you have to hit someone else, hit someone or threaten someone. And when this happens (…) the administration will be happy to open a new criminal case, adding a few years to the sentence – said Navalny. He also added that prisoners are required to watch Kremlin TV five times a day – for example, watch films about World War II – and they cannot do anything else during this time, not even sleep.

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– During these sessions, I more clearly understand the essence of the ideology of the Putin regime: the present and the future are replaced by the past. (…]All kinds of the past must be constantly in the spotlight to distract from thoughts about the future and questions about the present – he said.

The opposition activist joked that he estimated his chances of surviving in Pskov prison at 50 percent: “Either they will kill me or they will not kill me.”

He said that although the elections in Russia were “more and more a joke” and even the most “ordinary” opposition candidates were barred from standing in the elections, the Russians still had to take part in it. According to Navalny, thanks to the opposition’s tactical voting system, opposition candidates are still able to win, for example in large cities, where it is difficult to rig the elections.

Nolani He stated that the biggest problems of Russia today are corruption and poverty, and that Russians are “the poor of a rich country.” He added that Russia is part of the West and must enter the “European development path”.

– Putin is not eternal, materially or politically (…) This regime is a historical accident (…) Choosing the corrupt Yeltsin family. Sooner or later, this error will be corrected and Russia will enter the path of European democratic development – the opposition emphasized.

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