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All saints, this is the day he commanded. Should you go to the cemetery and church on November 1?

All saints, this is the day he commanded.  Should you go to the cemetery and church on November 1?

all saints It is a celebration in the Catholic Church in honor of all Christians who have achieved salvation in heaven. The day is celebrated November 1This year, it falls on a Tuesday.

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All saints. Believers do not have to go to the cemetery, but to mass – yes

all saints It is a day off from work. What is more, church It does not require being in the cemetery – it is a matter of conscience and inner need. So if we don’t go to the graves on November 1, we won’t be treated that way sin.

However, according to Catholic doctrine, the 1st of November is a mandatory holiday. This means that believers are obligated to participate in the liturgy and to refrain from unnecessary actions.

The duty to take part in the liturgy is also incumbent upon everyone who will take part in the evening mass celebrated. day Earlier, i.e. October 31. According to the gate msze.infowhich results from a canon of canon law (Canon 1248 para. 1): the order to take part in the Divine Liturgy is carried out by those who take part in it, wherever it is celebrated in the Catholic rite, whether on the day of the feast or on the evening of the previous day.

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The Day of All Souls, or the Remembrance of all the Faithful Dead

On the other hand, November 2 falls All souls today, It is also known as All Souls Day and All Souls Day. in Evaluation Church Day is called the remembrance of all the faithful dead. It is a symbolic expression of the believers’ conviction in the communion of the saints, the resurrection of the body, eternal life, and the efficacy of intercessory prayer. On November 2, there is no obligation to attend the Divine Liturgy.

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