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All the women of Donald Trump. Who are his wives?

All the women of Donald Trump.  Who are his wives?

  • Donald Trump married his first wife in 1977, and his chosen one was Ivana Zelnikova
  • The second wife of Donald Trump has been his mistress for many years. Their marriage did not last long and was not happy
  • Melania Trump is from Slovenia, and her first meeting with her future husband was at a party on the occasion of New York Fashion Week.
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Donald Trump has been stirring up intense emotions for many years. It’s not just about his political views or his decisions as President of the United States. Even when he was “only” successful in business, Trump surrounded himself with beautiful women. However, his relationship with them was not the easiest. No, the man was not shy or complicated. He always had a very specific kind of beauty, but above all he expected submission, subordination, hiding … his femininity from her. what does that mean?

Nina Burley, American journalist and author of “Donald Trump’s Women” Life in Golden Handcuffs, pointed out that The former president of the United States was obsessed with hygiene, which made him afraid of the physiological functions of women. He himself loved the company of the fair sex, and even had the reputation of a womanizer. In addition, resolute, not to say aggressive. No wonder, then, that over the decades of his adult life, a number of women have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault, and one-off sexual encounters. How was Donald Trump’s love life?

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Donald Trump. Business above all

Make money in the blood of Donald Trump. Before graduating from college, he held an executive position at the company of his father, Elizabeth Trump, and son at the time. The company’s primary business was building rental housing for middle-class people in New York City neighborhoods. In 1971, Donald Trump took control of the company. One of his first decisions was to change the company’s name to The Trump Organization.

Photo: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Donald Trump I’m Ivana

From that moment on, the guy entered the real estate market with momentum, and effective business decisions provided him with huge sums of money. Along with the increased wealth, Trump began investing in various industries, including buying an airline, organizing boxing fights, buying a beauty pageant company, running a modeling agency, and even becoming the owner of a football team. According to observers of Donald Trump’s life and career, the businessman has dealt with everything in his life in categories that can be found in books on running a business..

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Donald Trump. Who was the first wife?

He was also supposed to treat women and relationships with them as a treat. He was as close to everything as possible and his conditions were met. He had to negotiate with difficulty with his first wife – Ivana. A former model and skater working in Western Europe was asked to hear from Trump: “If you don’t marry me, you’re going to ruin your life.” Not wanting to make this mistake, she moved to the United States and became the wife of a real estate tycoon. Before they both put their wedding rings on their fingers, Donald forced the young Czech woman to sign an agreement that clearly stated what would happen in the event of a possible divorce. Example? She then had to return to her all the gifts her husband had given her throughout the marriage.

Foto: Sonia Moskowitz / Getty Images / Getty Images

Donald E. Ivana Trump

Ivana finally agreed to Trump’s terms – in 1977, Donald Trump and Czech Ivana Zelnikova married in a secret ceremony. There is no point in looking for photo documentation of this event. During their almost 14-year marriage, three children were born: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. Ivana Trump, along with her husband, used her passion for entrepreneurship. She found her place in a number of her husband’s businesses and helped him develop some of them. Independence, resourcefulness and entrepreneurship did not fit well with Trump’s vision of a wife. He was looking for a dependent woman.

Looks like he wanted me to look obedient. It was important to him, even though it had a detrimental effect on me and the children– said the woman during the divorce.

After all, after Ivan’s divorce, she revealed many details about their marriage, which confirmed the unusual behavior of the entrepreneur. In an interview with the New York Post, she admitted that Donald told her firsthand that… he doesn’t like having sex with mothers. In turn, Nina Burley, author of Donald Trump’s Women. Life in Golden Handcuffs, revealed that the man “It is known that the sight of a baby being breastfed” makes him disgusted a lot.

Donald Trump. The billionaire’s second wife

However, nothing prevented him from having an affair with Marla Maples when he was still married. The couple was supposed to meet in 1985 to promote a businessman’s book, but they kept their romance a secret for many years. Until 1989, when the couple was caught skiing in Aspen, their relationship was thus exposed.

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Deep down, I think [Ivana] You must have known about me. We’ll never talk to Donald about our future if they’re okay. I was his longtime girlfriend and always said: >> stay with her and fix everything. Don’t give up on your marriage – you have children, after all ”- Marla said in an interview with Vanity Fair in 1990.

Foto: Mitchell Gerber/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images/Getty Images

Donald Trump I’m Marla Maples

Ivana filed for divorce in 1992, of course. $25 million and a Connecticut mansion of $14 million. Donald Trump and Marla Maples married in 1993, and their marriage was in serious trouble from the start. They understood each other better in the times when they were lovers and had to hide. Although their affection gave birth to a daughter Tiffany, who was raised by Marla alone. Less than 6 years later, their relationship ended, and the divorce was brutal.

Marla fought like a lioness, but she couldn’t get any more than Donald agreed. Surrounded by lawyers, specialists in finding scams and inaccuracies in contracts, the businessman caused the woman to receive a check for only $1.5 million and child support payments to her daughter. In return, Marla promised not to comment on her marriage. What else, Donald? In the book “Trump Nation: The Art of Being Donald,” author Tim O’Brien included one of the quotes of a businessman.

Donald Trump. Third wife and first lady of the United States

In September 1998, 28-year-old model Melania Knaus appeared at a party at the Kit Kat Club in Times Square. It was part of the New York Fashion Week celebrations. On the dance floor, she caught the attention of 52-year-old Donald Trump, who was about to divorce his second wife. The businessman came to the party with the owner of the cosmetics company Selena Middelfart, but when she disappeared to clear her nose, Donald Trump immediately approached the Slovenian beauty. Melania was fascinated, but Cupid’s arrow didn’t shoot her. However, they exchanged phone numbers and the woman did not call Trump until a week after the first meeting.

Photo: Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images/Getty Images

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Melanija Knavz grew up in the small Slovenian town of Sevnica, and began her modeling career at the age of 16, and two years later signed a contract with an international agency. It was then that she changed her name to Melania Knaus and appeared under this title in New York in 1996. There she participated in many photo sessions for the largest fashion magazines, and also appeared in shows.

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The meeting with Donald Trump began a series of dates, after which the two became a couple. In 2000, Melania attended a nude GQ session on Donald Trump’s private plane. In 2001, Melania received a green card and moved to her lover’s house. In 2004, as soon as the first season of the reality show “The Apprentice” starring Donald Trump ended, the guy applied to Melania. In an interview with writer Cindy Adams, Trump said:

In 2005, Melania proudly wore an engagement ring for $1.5 million at her wedding. Clinton or Barbara Walters, and Billy Joel led the wedding singing. A year later, the couple’s son was born – Barron – and Melania became an American citizen. Over the following years, they formed a surprising couple—out of fear of Donald’s female face—the marriage had two separate bathrooms.

Foto: Pete Marovich – Pool / Getty Images / Getty Images

Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Donald and Melania’s marriage has been analyzed over and over again, but it always ended up in speculation and guesswork. Especially at a time when Trump got involved in politics and later became President of the United States. Both were very meticulous in controlling any information that could leak into the media. They made no comments, even after Melania disappeared from the White House for several weeks لعدة. Only after some time it turned out that she underwent a kidney operation.

In addition, the seeming and controlled peace of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump was disturbed by the man’s irresponsible and sexist statements. On par with the accusations of sexual assault made by many women. Amy Doris, a former model, accused the president of sexual harassment at the 1997 US Open. Summer Zervos, a participant in the rookie reality show, accused Trump of sexual assault. In 2018, former porn star Stormy Daniels insisted that in 2006 – right after Barron’s birth – Trump had an affair with her. Another woman – Playboy model Karen McDougall – was about to have an affair with a businessman at the same time.

When Donald Trump was president, he was not only protected by impunity, but most of all he was put on an equal footing in the political struggle. Now, maybe investigators can find out the truth. So is whether Donald paid Melania to stay with him during the presidency.

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