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Alvernia domes brought losses Grzegorz Hajdarowicz PLN 25 million

Alvernia domes brought losses Grzegorz Hajdarowicz PLN 25 million

Complex Alvernia studios It consists of more than a dozen photo, film and recording studios, incl. Two air-conditioned studios with an area of ​​2000 m 2 and a height of 16 m, and four recording studios with an exit. The facility has been expanded since 2008, many Polish films (including “Gods”, “Disco Polo”, “Miasto 44” or “Drogówka”), foreign films and advertising spots were produced, and subsequently produced there.

In the middle of 2017, the complex was taken over from Stanisław Tyczyński, the former owner of the RMF group, by the holding company Grzegorz Hajdarovic. It is currently operated by Alvernia Planet.

The fire cost 13 million PLN

In the past four years, the company has recorded losses several times higher than revenue. In 2019, their number reached 961.6 thousand. PLN of revenue and PLN 4.35 million of operating costs made a net loss of PLN 3.24 million, and in the previous year it was PLN 622.4 thousand. PLN of revenue, PLN 3.15 million of operating costs and PLN 2.09 million of net loss.

However, last year with an increase in revenue from PLN 1.11 to PLN 1.7 million The company’s net loss increased from PLN 3.18 million to PLN 16.18 million. This was due to impairment losses of fixed assets amounting to 13 million PLN.

This is the result of a fire on November 30 last year. In one of the two largest domes in the complex. The fire destroyed the interior of the building and partially divided its exterior.

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– On the basis of expert opinions and technical evaluation carried out, it was found that the building was not actually decommissioned, and as a result, renovation and construction work was carried out to return the dome to its original condition. Construction work is being carried out in accordance with the decision and under the supervision of PINB in ​​Chrzanów, and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2022. Work on the finishing and decoration details are scheduled until September 2023 – as mentioned in the company’s report.

When will the amusement park and education in Alvernia open?

The holding company Grzegorz Hajdarowicz bought the Alvernia complex with the intention of opening a dam there Recreational and educational park based on technology solutions, incl. In the field of AR/VR, clean technology and space research.

Last year controlled by a businessman As part of its updated strategy to 2030, KCI has announced additional investments in this project. The company confirmed that Alvernia Planet is “in progress and pledges to achieve a satisfactory rate of return,” and is being implemented “on three levels: a local and global franchise-based network and the creation of a digital world of Alvernia Planet.” It will be possible to earn money on it for 10 – twenty years.

Alvernia Planet It calculated that last year “Conceptual, design and technical work and opinions of construction and fire experts continued to assess fire resistance and ensure fire safety for the future function of the facility, Analysis of technical solutions, work on documentation for changing the mode of use, negotiated terms of the contract for the next stages of work on the park scenario”, as well as “activities aimed at acquiring entities that can act as partners in the implementation of the project – including technology partners or providers of solutions and equipment and attractions.”

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Furthermore it The company is working on a temporary Alvernia Planet LAB project designed as an implementation, research and preparation project for the target project in selected domes. – A functional and useful program adapted to the restrictions of the pandemic has been developed, a license agreement has been signed for the content that will be used in the planned attractions, cost estimates and work schedules have been prepared, and discussions on project financing have continued – the report stated.

A planned launch date for the park has not been set.

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Magdalena Srocca is the company’s president since mid-2018, Earlier, incl. Director of the Polish Film Institute (2015-2017), Deputy Mayor of Krakow and Head of the Krakow Festival Office.

In the chart below, the current fiscal year is 2021 and the previous year is 2020.

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