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Alyaksandr Lukashenka on CNN. “Everything the Polish government says is crazy”

Alyaksandr Lukashenka on CNN.  "Everything the Polish government says is crazy"

Lukashenka also assessed that “there is no reason for the Belarusians to apologize for him.”

Excerpts from the interview with American television were published by Puł First on Telegram, which is considered close to the Lukashenka press service.

As far as Belarus has become part of the United States, Great Britain or Russia, it is completely stupid. “We are with (President Vladimir) Putin, the authorities of Belarus and Russia are wise enough to create a union within two independent sovereign states that will be stronger than a unified structure,” Lukashenka said.

As the Belarusian leader added, “there is no such topic (merger of Russia and Belarus – ed.)” and it is a “collective invention of the West.” “We have long been an outpost of the federal state in Belarus and Russia. (…) In the event of a conflict, we will be supported by the entire western part of the Russian army. I do not scare us, I only remind us of what we are constantly talking about.

In another excerpt published by The First Pulse, Lukashenka denied the information provided by the Polish government about giving drugs to migrants at the border. This data comes from the Lithuanian side.

– This is madness. Everything your Polish government says is crazy. You say we give people drugs – please put the facts on the table! If you provide the facts, Lukashenka said, I will take responsibility. In his opinion, Belarus, unlike Poland, is ready to investigate what is happening at the border. – We did not declare a state of emergency like the Poles, we are ready. He said: We let the reporters go there.

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In turn, CNN journalist Christian Amanpour published an excerpt in which journalist Lukashenka asks if he would like to take the opportunity to apologize to his children for violating their rights.

No, I don’t want to take advantage of it. If I ever had such a need, I would do so in the Belarusian media. They are good enough. What’s the point of doing this on CNN. And in general, I have nothing to apologize for, said Lukashenka.

Journalist Matthew Chance cited statements from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and testimonies from Belarusians who experienced violence and torture in Belarusian detentions.

Lukashenka responded that “there is not a single prison in Belarus like Guantanamo or bases established by the United States and Great Britain in Europe.” He described Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International as “ephemeral human rights organizations.”

It’s all fabricated and fake. I guarantee it – said Lukashenka when the journalist asked about violence, including sexual violence, against detainees.

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