October 19, 2021

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Amazing kit design for Barcelona.  The first of its kind in 40 years football

Amazing kit design for Barcelona. The first of its kind in 40 years football

F.C.B For more than twelve years, she has been associated with Nike, which prepares different collections of fashion every season. This year, the project is very unconventional because it combines many elements. There were also classic vertical stripes. The upper part consists of criss-cross and dense stripes in two colors, while the remainder of the knitwear consists of much wider stripes.

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FC Barcelona with a new unusual project. Project media progress

A few months ago, the media announced that FC Barcelona will return to the classics. It is not known what logo will appear on the front of the shirt, because the club’s contract with Rakuten will expire in less than two years. According to the project, T-shirts should consist of thin vertical stripes of three different colors.

Changes, on the other hand, will happen in a second clothesin which white will prevail. In the central part of the shirts, stripes will be crossed with club shades of dark blue and burgundy. Shorts should be completely white, and on the socks, in addition to the Nike logo, two horizontal stripes of the same colors will appear. According to Mundo Deportivo Barcelona She only wore white shirts once, in the 1950s, however, with the increasing competition with real Madrid In decades past, the club has not since repeated it.

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In October last year, Football Headlines published the FC Barcelona home kit for the 2021/22 season. Until now, the club was distinguished by the fact that the shirts have vertical stripes in two colors. It was a deviation, among other thingsin a. Horizontal stripes in the 2015/16 season and a chess board in the 2019/20 season. In the project that will appear with the start of the next games, it was decided to combine all the elements of the club’s coat of arms.

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