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Amazon Prime is finally in Poland! These products are worth checking out in Prime Video

Amazon Prime is finally in Poland!  These products are worth checking out in Prime Video

Amazon Prime has finally entered Poland! The loud announcement of last Tuesday’s premiere spread quickly across the industry, and the euphoria over the massive movement of hate by many from Jeff Bezos was endless. And this is not surprising, because for only 49 PLN we got Prime Video, Prime Gaming, free shipping from Amazon and more. Ah, did I mention…this price is annual.

In this text, I would like to focus on the first element of popular service, i.e. On a video service from a giant that has always had ambitions to rival the biggest. Today, of course, it’s different from Netflix, Disney Plus, or HBO Go, but it’s still a solid platform that has a lot to offer. You can find really interesting original series there, so let me introduce you to ten series that you can’t pass up carelessly!

all or nothing

In this case, I’m cheating a little – it’s not one post, but a whole bunch of series about different sports teams. At first, they were interested in those related to American football, and recently they have become closer to football. A must watch for every fan of this system. have One season for Brazil and Manchester City and one season for TottenhamHe will appear at some point for Arsenal.

Goliath fight

And if you like legal dramas, then you will definitely like this one. It tells of Billy McBride (in this role, Golden Globe winner Billy Thornton), a lawyer who became – colloquially – Spat by his partners. In response, he decided to take revenge and crush the office that was his child. Revenge will not be easy, but as you know – impulse is hard to break.

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Clarkson Farm

You should know Jeremy Clarkson, I have no doubt about it, but… Do you know him from the side of this series? The title is by no means a mistake – we note a colorful character from the show business who runs his own farm. Of course, there are also issues with cars, but you can really relax during the inspection. In any case, Clarkson fans don’t need to be persuaded twice.

The man in the high castle

We often ask ourselves “what if…”. This issue has been examined by Frank Sputnitz. The creator of the series decided to offer an alternative version to the United States, Which the Third Reich won in World War II. So, as you can imagine, there will be a lot of differences. Well, and if you like the atmosphere of Wolfenstein games, you will find yourself in this title without any problem. check it out!

invincible: invincible

Robert Kirkman (creator of “The Walking Dead,” among others) demonstrated a comic book prototype that you can create a story about superheroes that won’t come out of the Marvel or DC logo, but will deliver on a world-class level. Animation from Prime Video It perfectly reflects what fans loved on paper. An exceptional series, although it looks quite tacky, reveals the best tastes after a respite.


One of the best science fiction series of recent yearsI have no doubts about that at all. Gorgeous visuals, great plot and a cosmic atmosphere make fans of the genre feel at home here. So far, Amazon has served us six seasons, and the story still looks up to par. If you haven’t heard of the series before, be sure to catch up, because at least you should give it a shot.

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Tom Clancy Jack Ryan

I don’t have to recommend the brand to fans of the brand, I’ll only write it for those who aren’t familiar with it It is one of the best erotic series in recent years. It focuses on a CIA analyst, named Ryan, who tries to thwart the plans of terrorists who seek to terrorize the entire world. An additional advantage in this case is the cast – the main role is played by the great John Krasinsky.

good omen

I guess if I just wrote here We are dealing with a screen adaptation of a novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry PratchettThis will be more than enough to entice even the least interested! A fascinating perspective on the approach of Armageddon and a very original approach to the eternal battle between good and evil. Even check out the first episode, and when it comes, you’ll stay longer.


When someone seems to us to be very self-confident, a bit distant, rude and “free” from all troubles, we happen to find them arrogant. Unfortunately It is often a mask to hide personal tragedies and problems. This is what it looks like in the case of the main character in the series. We follow her attempt to stabilize after she lived. It is an exceptional trip.


In the end, the production you just need to know. If you’re sick of superhero movies and series that seem to be made for the same hoof – Access to “The Boys”. This is a series that presents the genre a bit in a twisted mirror and approaches the subject in a completely different way. There’s no boredom here – but there’s a great atmosphere, great script and a great fresh air version of the genre.

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