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amber; Whale droppings can cost 30 times more than silver

amber;  Whale droppings can cost 30 times more than silver

Here amber.

It looks like a stone, but it is a rare type of whale droppings, and it is very expensive. The price of a gram of amber can be up to 30 times more than a gram of silver.


Why is amber so expensive?

If you’ve used perfume before, we have some disturbing news. It can be contaminated with animal feces. Perfumers have used amber for centuries to enhance the fragrances they produce.

Amber is basically the beaks of squid that whales eat, stuck with oily secretions. It is formed in the intestines of some sperm whales and then excreted. More specifically, amber is not excrement, but scientists say it is made the same way.

Christopher Kemp, author of Floating Gold: A large piece of amber is released into the ocean and then floats in the water for many years. During this time, the mass turns from a sticky, dung-like substance to a gray and solid mass.

This is what perfumers want. It contains a unique chemical called ambrin. Ambreina is fixative and makes other fragrances last longer.

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However, Ambra is appreciated for something more surprising. for its smell. It consists of about 20-30 chemical compounds, each of which has its own aromatic note. One smells like mushrooms, one smells like tobacco, one smells like droppings, and one smells like grass and straw. Looks tempting, doesn’t it?


Perfumers use strong fragrances such as those listed as base notes in their fragrances. It is these basic ingredients that form the basis of any perfume. They are usually heavier and more musky scents, like those you can get from dressing bags or amber.

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For example, Roja Parfums offers an expensive perfume with base notes derived from amber. This, for example, is the Profumi D’Amore perfume collection. A bottle of Profumi D’Amore perfume costs $500. It is described as a “passionate love letter in aromatic form”.

Ambra is perfect for producing great perfumes, but its rarity drives up the price. Scientists do not know why, but only about one percent of sperm whales secrete this substance. In fact, scientists like Dr. Shen Jirou, who has studied sperm whales for years, have never seen amber in their eyes.

Dr.. Shane Jirou, creator of the Dominica Sperm Whale Project: I’ve been doing this for over 16 years, but have never found amber.

Sometimes he encounters happy sunbathers. In 2006, a couple lifted a sliver of 14.5 kg on an Australian beach. The media later reported that it could be worth nearly $300,000. Gap.


However, more often than not, amber is found by people who are looking for it. They study weather patterns and ocean currents to predict where amber will appear. Once they found it, they sold it to dealers and perfumers for up to $7,200. Half a kilo. It is like gold to them.

It’s real stuff, so they take it seriously. The rising price of a commodity is not the only reason they do this. In the United States and some countries, it is illegal to buy, sell, and even collect amber. This is because sperm whales are in danger of extinction.

Before he started hunting them, there were over a million of them. Currently, there are five that number. And while sperm whales aren’t harmed when picking sperm, it’s never a good idea, according to Giro, to buy and sell products related to the endangered species. But until we can make something that smells as good as whale droppings, people will continue to buy and sell amber.

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