October 23, 2021

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Amendment of the OFE Liquidation Act.  reason?  Higher amount tax freeفا

Amendment of the OFE Liquidation Act. reason? Higher amount tax freeفا

Bauwe Boris, head of the Polish Development Fund, said Monday at TOK FM that the pension reform must be completed, and the system must be finalized.

When asked if the OFE liquidation plan was still in place, he replied that his knowledge showed that the government was planning to return to this project. Let us remember: at the April session of the House of Representatives, Marshal Elipita Wittek decided not to take the third reading (voting) of the bill on the liquidation of open pension funds.

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And Boris noted that in the Polish Lada it was proposed to raise it to 30 thousand. The amount of tax-exempt PLN, which will make a significant part of the pension tax-exempt. He admitted that this was an argument for making adjustments to the turnover fee in the OFE bill.

We are talking about serious reforms affecting 15 million people. It is better to do it right than to fast. Surely it is worth finally arranging the pension system so that what is private and what is public does not get mixed up – he said.


The government’s draft amendment to laws relating to the transfer of funds from open pension funds (OFE) to individual pension accounts (IKE) assumes that each OFE participant will have two options to choose from.